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I'm having the same dilemma. Meadow is almost 3, and has been sleeping in our bed since birth.  We started transitioning her to her room and her big-girl bed almost 2 months ago. It's either been my husband sleeping with her, or her coming into our room in the night, or grandma sleeping with her while she was here.  Last night was the first night since Ruby June was born that we haven't had someone else here, and amazingly, Meadow slept in her bed all night long! Alone!...
Hugs to those with breastfeeding issues - it's very frustrating at first!  A lot of these things get better over time (the engorgement, intense feelings at letdown, and shallow latches) as the baby grows and can open her mouth wider and take in more milk at a feeding.  The first few weeks are hard, but they will be a distant memory soon!   Stormy   We have thrush too, apparently. 
Ruby at 1 week   And snuggling with big sister
I haven't been around since Ruby June was born, and this is why:   I don't remember if I have talked very much about my older daughter Meadow, and her issues.  She was born with congenital glaucoma among other issues, and has had over a dozen surgeries to try and correct her vision. She has partial vision in one eye, and is doing very well, but her first year was a whirlwind of drs, specialists tests and surgeries.  her other issues are musculo-skeletal, and she has...
Eeek! That sounds terrible! I hope it heals up quickly and you can all go home and be together. I have been there - it is awful to watch your tiny newborn go through all that invasive testing, but they are amazing and resilient. I'm glad you caught it so quickly and took her in to get treated.
ELVs coming your way mama!
Thanks everybody - it was crazy because I had been having contractions 10-20 min apart for days, and so I wasn't sure if it was the real thing, but I'm glad I called the midwife when I did! I hope this gives the mamas who are experiencing prodromal labor some hope - all those early contractions are really doing something! 
They're gorgeous, and I love their names! Congrats to your family!
Welcome William! Wishing you a speedy recovery and happy babymoon. I am in awe of you - I don't think I could survive 12 hours stalled at 9 cm! 
Ruby June Marie was born yesterday, August 14, at 3pm on our bathroom floor!  It was an amazing birth - I wasn't sure I was in labor until the midwife got here around 11am, and when she checked me I was already 9cm dilated! After that, things went fast - my mom took Meadow out for shopping and ice cream, the midwife's assistant and her backup midwife got there and we hung out in my room until contractions picked up (up til that point, they had been strong but 10 - 15...
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