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I can't wait to hear the news!
Copper - I'm so sorry you're in this place! Almost 42 weeks is hard, especially when you've planned a homebirth. My midwife swears that a good membrane sweep and acupuncture will do the trick, so I'm holding out until I hit 41 weeks, and I'm going for it. If that doesn't work, castor oil.  How did you try to drink it? Last time I mixed it with chocolate ice cream to make a milkshake, and couldn't even tell it was there.  I had some explosive diarrhea, but it brought on...
I'll be thinking of you this morning - I hope everything goes smoothly and I can't wait to see pictures of your little one! 
Oooohh, another new baby! For their quick recovery - I hope everything is ok!
Congratulations! He's a big boy! Can't wait to see pictures!
Jessica! I feel for you so much! I can't believe your baby isn't here yet, and I'm so sorry. I hope things pick up soon.   Baby Cakes - I'm totally bored too, and super jealous of all the mamas with babies.  My mom has decided that she can't wait any longer, so she's driving down tomorrow. Yay! Now we will have automatic care for Meadow while I'm in labor, and I won't have to cook anymore!   Today was a little scary - we ended up in triage at the hospital...
Welcome baby Moses!
BabyCakes, we're the same way with food over here. Yesterday when I was making the grocery list, I was just like WHY??? I don't want to have to think about meal planning right now, I want to be snuggling my baby! It's so weird to be waiting like this.   EB - I think you did the right thing; they don't sound like people I would want watching my children! 
She is BEAUTIFUL! You did great, Ana.  Labor can be so painful, I completely understand needing relief. Congratulations on your sweet daughter.
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