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Congratulations! She is beautiful!
I'll join in here - today is my due date. So I know I'm not "officially" overdue, but I really expected to have my baby by now. My first was 2 weeks early, so I am new to this waiting thing!  Oh well, I guess she knows what she's doing - my midwife has another mom in labor right now, so she called this morning to make sure I don't need her. I feel great, but have NO signs of labor starting any time soon. I've finished everything on my to do list, so now I just...
I am literally squealing over all these adorable sweet babies! I CANNOT WAIT to squeeze my own little girl SOON!!!
What a beautiful boy! Congratulations!!
Congratulations! He's adorable!
I can't wait to hear the good news!
Imprint - Sooo excited for you to meet your babies!! I hope everything goes smoothly and easily for you!   Becky - I agree with everyone else, you are an amazing and strong mama. It will all be worth it in the end, when you have your sweet boy in your arms.    Emerging Butterfly - I know what you mean about keeping your baby girl safe inside - I feel that way a lot! Even though I'm ready (so ready!) for her to meet us on the outside, I know she is safe and...
Wow, that does seem soon! Exciting - I hope it goes well and that you are able to get your strength back soon. You've had a really rough time.   Thanks for all the support everybody. You are all wonderful, and it really means a lot to have people to listen and share with right now.  
Congrats! Welcome baby boy!
Hugs to everybody who's achy and sick! Why is the end so hard?   I just got the news that my sweet wonderful loving grandmother is in the hospital - she had a stroke 2 days ago, and may have had another one last night.  She lives 10 hours away, so I won't be able to visit, and she can't talk so the doctors are recommending against phone calls. I sent flowers to the hospital, I just wish there was more I could do. We have been talking seriously about naming this baby...
New Posts  All Forums: