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Lol, I'm jealous too!  
We had this situation earlier in the summer, and it sucked! Our vet recomended mopping with a mild bleach solution, and I was so desperate that I did it (after I had used natural oils, diatomaceous earth, constant vacuuming, etc).  I think it definitely helped - that and washing the dog's bed and all our bedding in hot hot water several times and giving the dog Capstar and flea baths.  Finally they are gone, and I am not sorry I used evil bleach to get rid of them!
Ok, I squealed out loud at that adorable picture! What a sweet boy! and a big one!  Congratulations!
Ack! I'm jealous! I am soooo ready for any sign of labor, if I saw a mucous glob I'd be ecstatic!  I am excited for all the mamas whose babies are already here, but I just can't wait for my turn!   I had an appt. this morning, and asked the midwife to check me. I am apparently 60% effaced and 2-3 cm. dilated. So that's something at least.  No more prodromal labor, which I'm somewhat thankful for, even though it gave me something to focus on.  I'm still nesting a ton,...
I know, I have been obsessing about this too! My daughter was born at 38wk4days, and I am now 39wk4days with #2, and so impatient!!! It's not fair that my first came early - I was really expecting it again! Here I am, 4 days from my due date and NO signs of labor. If I go a week or two over I don't know how I'll survive!
Oooohhh, exciting! I hope it's the real deal for you - keep us posted!
Wow, what a story! Congrats on your sweet boy!
So exciting!!!
Gorgeous! Good work mama!
Congrats and welcome baby!!
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