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What an amazing story - I can't wait to see pictures!  It's funny - my baby is due 8/8 too, and I was sure she would be born on July 31! 
Wow - congratulations! He is so cute! I am really happy for you (and jealous for me!)
OP - I've noticed what you're talking about for a while now, and that's why I don't frequent that forum.  Hopefully we'll get some clarification on this issue!
Welcome mamas, hope you get to hold your babies soon!
Sounds like things are happening for some of our mamas! So exciting!   Although I am just feeling whiny and sore. My friend, who is due the week AFTER me, is in labor right now!! I am so jealous and while I'm excited for her, I am supposed to have my baby first dammit!  My hips are killing me (I need to go back to the chiro) and I am too annoyed to do anything but feel sorry for myself. My husband, ever helpful, keeps suggesting we have sex to get things going, but I...
Yeah, this is how I feel too.  I am 39 weeks today, and I just feel huge and sore, and so uncomfortable, I just can't bear the thought of waiting 2 more weeks!  Please baby, come meet us soon!    
Wow, that's a LOT to go through! You and your husband are amazing and strong to go through all that you went through and stand up for your baby. I am sorry it was so tough, but I'm so happy that your baby is here.
Sounds like a fabulous birth! Congratulations!
Thinking of you!
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