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True, I only have the one kid, so nothing to compare it to.  Like I said, we travelled because we had to, and would have regardless of her temperament.  Sometimes the only way to find out what is possible is to try it and see.  Good luck!  
Haha, that's where I got the recipes! She is a local mom I know, and I was stoked to see these recipes on her blog!  They are way easy and will make my life much much easier after baby is here.  
What a great birth! Congratulations on your sweet Ethan! I demand pictures!!!
These recipes are from my friend’s blog, I don’t think she minds if I share them.  Each of the recipes makes 2 separate meals; I just divided everything up into two freezer bags.  They looked delicious when I put them together, but I haven’t cooked any yet, so I can’t tell you how well they turn out.  I think you can sub whatever veggies you like/have on hand, and adjust the spices to your tastes, too. I plan on doctoring them up in the crockpot if they seem too bland. ...
I am one who thinks it would be fine by that age.  I only have one child so far, and she's always been a good traveler. I guess we never had any choice though; she was born with a severe eye condition that required us to travel all over the state to see specialists and have surgery. Her first car trip was at a week old, and at 12 days we had to drive 10 hours for her to have surgery.  After that we flew a few times to the hospital, but mostly we drove, since we had to go...
Wow, Jessica, it sounds like you are really really close! I don't know what I would do if I was having that much false labor for 3 weeks! Hopefully it will make your labor nice and short.   Imprint - congrats on your twins still cooking, that's fabulous!   PoetryLover- I know, it's been hard for us to find people to take care of our daughter too. None of our family is closer than 13 hours away, and all our local friends either have jobs or kids. It's hard to find...
I'm starting to have those thoughts again too! It's crazy that this huge life-changing event is going to happen...sometime soon!   I was excited last night - I had a couple hours of contractions, but they disappeared.  I was kind of hoping that would be it, because I"ve been having lots of crazy energy bursts. I scrubbed the floor on my hands and knees yesterday! I NEVER do that, so I was kind of wondering what was going on.  I am thinking it will be really soon, even...
Wow that's so wonderful!!! Congratulations!!   Now, if you could send some speedy labor vibes over this way, that would be great!
YES!!! This exact thing happened to me when I was pregnant with my  first! I felt like I was a mother, like I was everyone's mother. I would look around at all the boring, ordinary, sometimes awful people around me and think, wow, they are somebody's baby.  It was an amazing revelation to me.  I still feel that way to a lesser degree. Becoming a mother profoundly changes your life!    
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