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Congratulations! I can't wait to hear all about her!
Noorjahan - good luck on the citizenship test, and congratulations! I have had several friends take the test, and it feels like something really special when they become citizens.   BabyCakes- I am also stressed about our sleeping arrangements! Meadow is the same age as Nora, and she still sleeps in our bed. The ridiculous thing is, we haven't even tried to move her because my husband doesn't want her to leave! I love sleeping with her, but I don't feel very...
So exciting! ELV's Tear!!
With my daughter's super curly hair, I use leave in spray conditioner (detangler) while it's wet, after washing. Then comb with a wide tooth comb and scrunch lightly with my fingers.  After she sleeps, it's usually all matted and tangled, so I either wet it with water or spray more detangler in it and finger comb it.  This works pretty well.  I have just started to be able to put it into pigtails - I do two because it's only long in the back and shorter on the sides...
Mine goes to the gym and takes our 2.5 year old. She loves it, and after I have this baby (due in 4 weeks!!) I'll start going again too.  It is really a great option. I agree with the PP that maybe you could try getting them used to it? I was paranoid for a long time about leaving my daughter, and this is actually the first time we had ever dropped her off anywhere, with anyone other than us. She loves it! Plus, the child care center is right in the center of the gym, so...
I'm surprised too!  My due date is exactly one month from today!!!!  My husband is sure she'll come early, but I am skeptical. My first was 2 weeks early, so I wouldn't be too surprised if this little one comes early too. I don't know if I'm ready! But I don't want to go late!
OH, I really want some hats like the one with the knot in it! I have been trying to figure out how to make one - can you help me out? I have some soft old t-shirts I could use.    
I'm in! Birdie B.  8/8 I feel like she might be early, but who knows?  
I did that with my body pillow and it worked great!
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