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I wouldn't be surprised if a cleaned chimney had wasps. I've had bats move into mine within days of a cleaning or recent fire It doesn't take long for wasps to build a new home.
I much prefer butterworks farm because they use jersey milk but if you aren't near VT you might not have that option. They sweeten with real maple syrup too Anywhoooo..... What we've always done is mix 1 qt whole milk plain and 1 qt whole milk maple. OR if I'm buying stoneyfield which I sometimes do because we are driving distance from them I'll do 1 plain and 1 wm vanilla. I guess this works for us because we have 7 people so a half gallon of mixed yogurt still doesn't...
We've had a couple sets of the walkie talkies purchased from maybe sams club? I know the last 2 sets we've had were under $50 and had up to 10 mile ranges and like 22 channels. They were very small. They have the alert button to get the attention of the person with the other one BUT they've always come with a little charging station. We've never replaced the batteries. They were super tough but when the kids lose them or drop them in the pond it does ruin them lol. Just...
Hands down my ages 3-10 all prefer the cinnamon. We haven't tried the mint yet though, I'm doing a new order this week and we will add one to try. that is for the clo, we haven't used the butter oil be only because we eat pastured butter at each meal.
I really REALLY like boys names for girls. I don't know why I just do. I would totally do it. I chose either-or names for all 5 of mine.
There are options that you could check into.....eating raw garlic (like chewing and eating the freshly peeled clove) diatomatous (did I spell that right?) earth. I don't know the safety during pregnancy but you could research it. Clove, wormwood, black walnut....all could be checked for safety during pregnancy. We had a roundworm issue and our ND / MD, had my daughter take the DE on an empty stomach and the garlic 30 min later. That worked for her. Again - I know these...
Do you mind if I ask what method you are using instead?I feel like the only answer will be NFP lol but it scares me to think of what would happen if I make a mistake or we mess up or whatever.
This!!!!! Except I haven't moved except within my town.
Sorry - I should have been more clear. This mother was adamant in her birth plan that she wanted to avoid cytotec. She had researched it extensively and didn't feel comfortable with it's use. The hospital explained that miso was their standard for inductions. We were told if she refused the miso she would be required to sit and wait for the OB to arrive as per policy pitocin cannot be administered without the OB physically present in the hospital. We were made to wait for...
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