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I've been pulling my hair out of what type of washing machine to get. The problem is that in our new apartment the hookups are upstairs and we would have to fit it through a 26 inch space to use it in the first place, so that narrows our options a lot. Also, I use cloth diapers so I really need a top loader that uses a moderate amount of water. Front loaders don't use much water, so they just can't get rid of the poop smells even when I've used bleach Fortunately, we...
According to the ICAN database, Beverly Hospital will allow VBA2C, though they never made the details clear.
DH and I just completed all the paperwork and are moving in right now (it'll take a month with our work schedules). The place we rented had everything we were looking for and it's within a block of Aborn Elementary school. I know Lynn isn't perfect, but it was all we could afford as we are waiting until our jobs are more secure. Our stay in Lynn will last more than a year and our DD is almost 2, so good schools are something I'm looking into. There's no way we can...
Quote: Originally Posted by mumm This is what I say when people are comparing the "best" way to parent. "You do your thing, I'll do my thing and in the end we will both be wrong and our kids will blame us." As your kids get older none of this will matter. You won't know how a kid was born, whether he was bf or is circ'd or was carried in a sling, etc. So you do your best, I'll do my best and in the end our kids will hate us both for a few years...
getting out of the house, period. I can't even take my little girl for a walk or to the park because it's too cold and the cabin fever's driving her crazy. REALLLLLLY looking forward to spring!
SarahJSG, I'd give the name of the OB who told you this. South Shore mamas need all the good recommendations they can get!
I heard on these forums (a year ago) that the midwives at the NSBC would do twins, but it absolutely had to be in the hospital OR and at least Twin A had to be head down. Not sure how that's changed, though.
Beverly Hospital in MA does public cord blood donation, too. Why aren't they listed?
Not having one (still want more kiddos), but it sounds MUCH better than a tubal. No surgery (it's an outpatient procedure), and I think it's supposed to be safer than even a vasectomy.
Aw, I feel for you. DD does the same thing, but she's 20 months old. I don't think you're being insensitive to his feelings at all and if he's okay with trade-offs sometimes, keep doing that. Maybe he's a little young for this, but what helped me with DD was a time-out when she shrieked. If she screamed longer than a few minutes, I would say "I know you're upset but we don't cry when we don't get our way. I need you to calm down or you'll have to go in time-out, OK?"...
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