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and the timing wasn't too good either because I just found out I a few cavities myself. What puzzles me is that she didn't have a problem with it at first; it just came out of the blue. I have to hold her down to get the brush in her mouth and I try to be as gentle as I can, but she screams like she's being hurt . I don't like doing it but she really doesn't need to be making the same mistakes I did with my teeth. What can I do to get her to cooperate?
Hey, this IS pretty good to know. Thanks! Miss Boop probably won't attend daycare (we're poor, haha), but it's nice to have this document on hand just in case we can ever afford it and they try to give me grief on cloth.
Absolutely not true. Salem Hospital does them regularly (MOST of the OB's are supportive, but there are a few bad apples and all of the midwives are supportive, too.) Beverly Hospital also still does them and they still have a better success rate than Salem (mainly because the patients try for a vbac more often)
I'm very fortunate in this department. I don't think anyone in my family has ever even had a c/s... Mom and me were almost identical. I was born at 40+2, hospital w/epi, but it was pretty straightforward since she was only there for 10-12 hours before I was born. I was sluggish at first but all I needed was a shot of oxygen and it was smooth sailing from there. Mine was pretty easy, too. My daughter came right on her due date! I was only in labor for 12 hours (half...
Congratuations, OP! Good to know there are good OB's and CNM's close to us.
Yeah, I never ever give money either. With me, it's usually stuff like leftover food, resources on how to get into housing, employment, and most importantly, mental health care. The last time we ran into a homeless person, we gave him some of the leftover gourmet pizza we were going to take home for lunch tomorrow. I think he was one of the real deals because he was skinny as a pencil and didn't look like he'd showered in two weeks. I don't think I'll ever see...
Holy Jeez. Those are high stats! Even in light of extra EFM, I would still try the North shore birth center instead! Apparently, it hasn't caused any transfers yet and the doctors aren't exercising their authority much (for now. Eva remarked, "well, if they're having trouble with the readings, too bad for them. It's just been a minor nuisance so far.") When I had my daughter there in '08, the transfer rate was around 30%, BUT... Overall, the birth center had a c/s...
I was a little anemic too at that stage. The birth center I went to just gave me a list of stuff to eat. If you're really worried, yeah, totally go with iron tablets. If it's food you're going for, spinach, apricots, cherries, and lentils worked for me. Anemia's very treatable and I wouldn't worry too much. Birth center policy on anemia really sucks, though, so I'm sorry you're having to go through that. Sending good vibes your way!
We use cloth diapers (LOVE them. Would never switch back to sposies b/c of costs and the smell!) All of DD's toys and clothes are either gifts from family or used. In fact, most of our clothes are really old stuff from thrift shops. Every single time I watch TV (trying to cut down personally), I always fastforward through the commercials. I have no use for advertisements that are going to make my daughter scream at me to buy her useless crap. Also, they get in the...
Thank GOD. CPS has too much power as it is.
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