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I am currently in school, but graduating in a few weeks : My typical morning is this: I get up around 7-9 ish. My baby wakes up before me, so that means no need for an alarm clock half the time. I get up, get her ready for the day, and feed her breakfast. DH is usually up by then. We usually talk a little while I cuddle Boop. After getting my stuff ready, I look at DH and little daughter. "Bye guys, I love you! I'll be back at noon." I head out for school. Every...
I'd suggest looking at this thread for more details on Mt. Auburn's policies. Your best bet besides a homebirth might be the midwives at Mt. auburn. http://www.mothering.com/discussions....php?t=1045748 Good luck with your VBA2C!
I'm so sorry you're going through this PM me anytime if you need to talk!
My daily obligations were cancelled, too! Now it's just me, Steve, and Boop! We're still trying to figure out what to do now that we have all this free time! I'm thinking make a cake, make a snowman, and play with Boop.
Actually, you can have a VBAC with CNM Louise Bastrarche (did I spell that right?), but you just have to sign a waiver.
When are we going to get the verdict on the Midwifery Bill? It's been a long time...
Well said, MAmom! couldn't have put it better myself! Honestly, that was one of my concerns and is the same logic I have behind supporting this bill. I had my first baby at NSBC before it got all medicalized and I would just love to have a safe choice for my next baby (as of now, neither the hospital or nsbc meets my criteria). It would make me a lot more comfortable if I could have a hb midwife who DID have more of a collaborative relationship with hospitals, who DID...
has anyone called Lori Ehrlich yet? She's the rep for the north shore...
try PM'ing the poster "veganf". She's had 4 homebirths and also lives in the metrowest area (framingham, I think?). I think the midwife's name was Ann Kilroy, but you'd have to check with her.
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