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This is outrageous! And ANYONE can read them? So much for HIPAA.
Whatever happened with the midwifery bill this time around? I thought we would re-introduce it in December...
I hear we're supposed to have a massive snow front coming in for the next three days. What precautions is everyone taking?
I'm trying to eat healthier and I've found some staple snacks that I like, namely veggies w/hummus and black bean/corn/avocado salsa. I'm looking for more ideas on what to fill up on to help with the whole weight management thing. Would love to hear any suggestions! Black bean salsa 1 14-15 oz can of black beans, drained 1/2 can of white shoepeg corn, drained 1/4 of a red onion, chopped 1/2 an avocado juice from 1/2 a fresh lime a splash of worcestershire...
oh gosh, I tried making guacamole with just Florida avocados once. Big Mistake! Then I tried again using mainly haas avocados and just using florida ones as filler. That worked out pretty well, but that's all I'd use them for.
I would try someplace other than Henniker (i.e., bigger). I went to college there for a year and its services are unbalanced overall. For example, it has about 3 pizza places, but no computer repair service. PM me for more details.
The Board of Trustees apparently met this morning to vote on the fate of the North Shore Birth Center. The release sent to the press by the hospital is below. Details about the "plan" are still vague, though patients at the NSBC will apparently now receive fetal monitoring akin to what a patient at the hospital would receive. --christa North Shore Birth Center to Remain Open Northeast Hospital Corporation Board of Trustees Approves Plan to Continue Services (Beverly,...
Quote: Originally Posted by ankh This happened with me at eight months, it was so disappointing and I took it very hard, so I feel your pain. A Breastfeeding consultant told me to get into bed with her for a few days (not sure how possible that is for you), have a bare top half and let her get used to your breasts, relax and just really focus on them and you and just keep trying. I was not able to as I had a two year old and other twins to look...
As I've said before, she refuses to nurse.
Thanks, Ammaarah! It's short for "Boopadoo". I don't even know how we came up with that name, but it stuck...along with like 7 other names, so it's amazing she even responds to her real one!
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