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Well, it's been almost two weeks now. I've done everything the LC said and still no results. I can only pump 5-6 oz per day at most. It's just so exhausting. I have pumped 8 times a day with no sign of increase (it was a hospital pump). Taken 9 fenugreek caplets a day. Skin-to-skin contact? Co-bathing? Co-sleeping? Yup, every day. She screams every single time I put her to the breast, and yes, I do it when she's happy or sleepy. I took her to the pediatrician...
This is progress. Hopefully, we can fully convince them to keep it open. Sorry I couldn't make it to the rally yesterday; all I can say I was there in spirit. Here's to the NSBC!
I started supplementing using some formula when she hit 6 months old as I've started going back to school. Now, everytime I try to nurse her she either only takes for 2 minutes or refuses completely and cries. How can I get her back on track? (no lectures on using formula, please. The pump doesn't always cooperate with me :.)
I wouldn't say no to a protest... Honestly, If this place shuts down I don't know what I'm going to do. I had my daughter at NSBC and it was one of the best experiences in my life; literally the perfect birth. After that, there's no way I'm having my next (if at all) baby in a hospital because I know there's a better way. Also, mamas, be aware that homebirth isn't a realistic option for everyone, be it health concerns, lack of money, or a combatitive spouse (me...
I'm SO voting yes on this. For one thing, the state gets money from the fines and two, it costs a whole lot more just to prosecute someone for using pot. Besides, pot is pretty expensive anyway.
Dang! Last time I checked, even BI Deaconess wasn't that bad
I will be voting against it. If most of the state's budget comes from income tax, I don't feel that now is the time to reduce it. Also, the state I grew up in doesn't have any income tax and as a result, everything's poorly funded and their public schools are a joke.
since we're talking about health insurance and hb, can anyone recommend good plans? I started reading this thread because I would like to HB someday (not very likely though, I was lucky I could even convince my husband to be comfortable with NSBC ) More importantly, my BCBS HMO plan is being discontinued because of the reform act in 2006 . My little girl and I are currently getting care at NSBC and Beverly Hospital and I don't want to switch to a plan that considers...
I have constantly been trying to find ways to slash my grocery bills what with the new baby and rising food costs. The other thing is that I'm pretty frugal and my husband is well, not, thus the reason for my search. I ran across an article on GroceryGame.com and read that it costs about 13 bucks a month. What I wanted to know was if anyone has tried this and what your experience was. Ideally, I'd be able to shop in a way that I could at least start buying a few organic...
grumble. Let me guess, she doesn't want her boobs to sag.
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