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This is all good to know. Apparently my husband was "fussy" too, as a baby, but also very happy, so I know where my sweet pea gets it! I'm just glad I got wind of MDC and all the wonderful advice early enough so that I could give her a good start. Both sides of our family live far away, so she'll need all the love she can get.
From the top...My daughter has mellowed out a little since she was born, but is still clingy. Since she is my first, I have no idea on the difference btw high needs and regular. Also, I'm new to to the whole AP thing. Bit of background... I've been carrying her in a sling from day one and she really loves it. She loves being close so much that she'd scream whenever I put her down. My daughter would tolerate being held for about 10 minutes max by someone else, but...
I'm currently making stickers for my daughter's onesies and stroller. It says: "Please do not touch! Your kind affection might spread infection." It seemed to work with my MIL's cats at the cat show...
Chiming in on Dyson love, too. We got one for Christmas and it's absolutely amazing. I emptied the canister twice after vacuuming just one room! We probably got up not only our dirt, but the dirt of the clients before us! I'm normally not crazy over appliances, but.... LOOOOOOOOOOOVE!
No kidding, heidirk! I considered the same thing, too, before I...well, realized the same thing you did. Hope babies are as much fun to raise, cause I gots one on the way!
What is this woman's name? I gotta know!
oops, late post. I sorry.
Another ADD'er chiming in here. Diagnosed and medicated since I was 4, then passed around to 8 different psychologists. It's moderate, but mild enough for me to figure stuff out as an adult without any ritalin. I'd tried all of them and finally quit because stimulants make me really jittery. There's also clinical depression there too. I've been on pretty much everything during childhood (I could list them, but that'd be boring) but the good news is that all I'm on now...
Hi, I recently registered after browsing the forums for a few weeks. I am currently 27 weeks pregnant with my first child, a girl, due in April. I moved to Massachusetts (North Shore Area) about a year ago, where I now live with my husband and cat. I also like hiking, drawing stuff, and pie. Nice to meet you all!
New Posts  All Forums: