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I'm doing CCE -- Cooperative Childbirth Educator -- training, because it seems really inclusive. It's not about any one method, and more about evidence, information, and tools. Not sure how widely this training is available, though. http://ceamny.org/about-us/cooperative-childbirth-education/
StephanieSelf, I'm no doctor, but maybe you're feeling her head because you're already somewhat dilated?
Well, for anyone else wondering the same thing, I am a certified PPD, but I don't do overnights. I assume this shift was a condition of the job you were considering? Some post partum doulas in our area do overnights, but others do not.
I am about to be certified (postpartum) through DTI. They've been amazing. They have trainings in several states and occasionally outside the US. If I ever do birth certification, I'd do it through them, too.
I am certifying through DTI, too, though I took one of their first training courses before it was streamlined to a 9-month process (or less), so it's taken me longer. I have been really happy with the mentorship, skills and training, reading, and business pieces.
I have just started doing research into Montessori principles, and how they can be applied at home. I want to support the "I can do it myself" and "Can I help?" attitude of my toddler and allow him to learn and make discoveries. I really enjoy looking at Montessori-at-home blogs and books for inspiration regarding how we can support that through our space design, but I find myself frustrated by how little space we have in our one-bedroom apartment. I don't know our...
Going straight to full day (3 days a week, 9-3, which is a bit shorter than some full day programs) worked really well for our 18 month old. We eased him in with partial days over the course of a week of two. He is very social and had a blast. I think two things that helped the transition were that he was with older kids (up to 3.5) and that he knew one of them already (so he had a built-in friend).
I'm happy to have found this forum and this thread. I have been looking for resources for a male friend of mine who (with his partner) is looking for similar resources. Much of this will be useful to them, too. Thank you all!
I'm interested in any responses you get, but I also wanted to share a not-exactly-what-you're-asking-for recommendation. I am reading the book Minimalist Parenting by Christine Koh and Asha Dornfest. Each author has two kids. They talk a lot about time management, family priorities and values, and simplifying your life so that you DO feel like you have enough time. I think it would be a good complement to any books specifically about having a second child.
Our dentist sent me this information, when I was looking for a dentist for my son (I. E. before she was our dentist) at 18 months old. I had asked what her thoughts were on nighttime nursing. Addendum: when we saw her for the first time she said she might recommend the wiping of teeth after nursing at night only if he had decay, but she saw no signs of decay at this time. Breast-feeding of infants provide general health, nutritional, developmental and psychological...
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