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Our first child has my last name as a second (and seldom used) middle name and my husband's last name as his last name. This was a compromise. I wanted him to have my last name, but there is no other baby to carry on the "family name" for my husband's family, and there are several babies in my family line to carry on that name. But it's been agreed that if we have a second child (regardless of gender) that baby will have my last name. Since my husband and I have different...
Thank you! Evydent looks great, but that would be a very long commute for our family. I found someone in Tribeca who is supportive of breastfeeding and didn't give me the ridiculous "wipe baby's teeth with a cloth after nursing" (what, when he's fallen asleep? And wake him up again?!) line.  Fingers crossed!
That's what I was hoping...but it was actually a question on the intake form for the dentist that was recommended to me! 
I nurse my 19-month-old to sleep. I nurse him when he wakes at night (if he asks to nurse). I would like to find a pediatric dentist who isn't going to scold me for this fact, especially in light of what I've read about breastfeeding NOT being conclusively linked to tooth decay.   SO, does anyone know of a dentist in NYC who won't care that my son hasn't nightweaned yet? OR, at the very least, a dentist who will only ask me if I put my kid to bed with a bottle or...
Crayfishgirl, have you read much about the four month sleep regression?
My son was the same way at 7 weeks, when we started trying the bottle, and 9 weeks, when I went back to work three days a week. I had to go home on my lunchbreak to feed him most days for several weeks (30 minutes each way, so it really extended my break past what's technically allowed, but my boss was VERY understanding), and he also nursed much more in the evenings and overnight.  However, we kept trying bottles.  Dr. Brown's, Playtex with drop-ins, and Mimijumi (my...
I just went to a postpartum doula training with three other women. We are all in different neighborhoods in Manhattan and Brooklyn.  Where is the mom in need located/when is she due?  I might be able to help you or refer you!
This was true for me, too!  He was so gassy and uncomfortable in the mornings for several weeks that I began to wonder if it was something in my diet (and I love dairy), but that stopped around the same time as it did for Mamato2wild ponnie.
If you use disposable diapers, you might give cloth a try.  Our son doesn't get rashy when we keep him in cloth.  It may not work for you, but if so it would be a simple solution!  We use coconut oil as our only "diaper cream," but rarely need it.
Sebastian is so cute we can't stand it.     He's almost 15 weeks old.  I can't believe it!  He's trying to use his hands, but still is uncoordinated with the grabbing and holding on -- unless it's for a fistful of my rapidly shedding hair.  :)  He is trying to suck on his hands a lot, though, and likes to rub his gums against our knuckles.  He's also ALMOST giggling/laughing.  He's such a smiley, happy guy when he's not fussy.   Sebastian is not rolling over...
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