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Can I sneak a late-March baby in here?   Minutes Old:   One Month:
I'll send you a message right now!
Whew!  I had a long weekend -- a good friend was in town and it really messed with both my mood and my routine (such as it is).  I had been pumping once a day, but didn't find time/energy while she was staying with us.  These are my last two weeks before going back to work (4 weeks part time, then back to 30+ hours by the end of June). I think my husband will try giving Sebastian his first bottle tomorrow.  I've been reading lots of tips online about bottle feeding,...
What a pretty name.  Congratulations!
Congratulations!  Her name is very pretty.
Congratulations! Fascinating story -- thanks for sharing!
Congratulations!  Great photos!
It's funny -- I haven't noticed a pattern yet, so almost all of your posts sound familiar because I've seen each one on at least one day!  ;)  Some evenings we get "witching hour" fussiness, and some evenings he sleeps right through that period.  He does do a lot of early morning farty/pooping gruntiness most mornings, too.  And his daytime naps seem to be getting shorter.  He's hard to put down, too, but naps well in the sling as long as I stay in motion.  He also naps...
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