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Thanks for taking the time to share the story.  And congratulations again! ;)
I hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day!  I start pumping today.  Wish me luck!     Sebastian will be 7 weeks old on Thursday.  We weighed him a few days ago and he was at 12 lbs (8 lb, 9 oz. at birth).  He's so cute and Buddha-like.  ;)   I'm STILL waiting to hear from work about whether I should take another 6 weeks maternity leave (unpaid) or if they'll let me come back part-time during those 6 weeks and then go to full-time after that period is over.  I wish they'd...
My husband put this together, just before Sebastian turned 6 weeks old...  
I don't love headband bows on baby girls, but that's a cute one.  ;)
DDC Crashing -- I thought long and hard about this and didn't love our solution, but am okay with it.  My husband's last name is quite long, and three syllables.  Mine is shorter, but two.  Together, they're a real mouthful and I didn't want to hyphenate them.  He offered, but I didn't like that solution and he agreed it would be clunky.  We each like our own last names, are comfortable not having the same last names, and didn't want to create a new name,...
OP, do you cloth diaper? Because the gowns we use stay down because of the bulk of the cover.  It makes it hard for the elastic to ride up.  
I need to figure out when I'm going back to work.  I've been putting it off because I'm sad about the idea of seeing Sebastian less during the day.  :(  I think this is also why I'm putting off looking for child care to help my husband out (and I might just make it his job to find someone!).    Seb will be 6 weeks old on Thursday.  The past week we started seeing some serious "witching hour" fussiness from roughly 5-9 pm or so.  It's not every night, and sometimes we...
 Congratulations! I am (pleasantly) jealous of your water birth. ;) Thanks for sharing!
Wonderful!  Congratulations!    I've only had one baby, but I didn't think my milk had come in because I wasn't engorged, either, but my midwife showed me how to hand express and there was definitely milk in there.  ;)
She DOES look sweet.  Congratulations!
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