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Great work!  Congratulations!!  
Congratulations!   This reminded me so much of my own labor:    
Congratulations!  I'm so glad that your doctor gave you a choice, even though I'm sure it wasn't a fun choice to make.  I hope writing this down is helping you process.
I have one faster (and way bigger; ugh) breast, too, which sometimes seems to overwhelm my little guy.  I find leaning back while nursing on that side seems to help him stay latched without choking.  If he's been feeding for a while and then grunts and squeals and squirms while latched, I think it's usually gastrointestinal.  If he pulls off then, I rub his belly.  And if he acts panicked, bobbing his head around but fighting the nipple and not latching on, I give him a...
I haven't even started trying to figure this out yet.  Bleah.  We can't afford the two day care centers that had openings for us.  The third one hasn't contacted me, and we're on the waiting list, but I'm not sure we can afford that one, either.  I think I have to go back to work in about a month -- maybe I can get away with a little more time off, but I don't know.  And to start out, I think my husband will do the child care (he works from home) and we'll get a...
  Similarly, I'm in my pre-preg clothes (but I actually never had maternity pants; I just bought a couple pairs that were one size bigger at the end of my pregnancy. And I only had 2 maternity tops; the rest were just bigger or longer than normal), but I still have a pooch -- and I like the way you describe your diet!  I want to start working out again within the next few weeks -- Wii fit and exercise videos are enough for me. I do plenty of walking just by virtue of...
Well, congratulations on your Abby!!
Great to hear!  Congratulations!
Congrats! Hope you're ok.
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