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Through the legs only, so far.  
Well, the past 3 days we've started getting some MAJOR blowouts, or as I like to call them, "poopsplosions."  They're decimating both the angel wing and jelly roll folds (prefolds w/covers).  Any tips?
I've got 3 new goals, as of yesterday:   1. To make it out of the house every day (unless the weather is miserable) 2. To get some non-baby-related task from my to-do list done every day (no matter how small) 3. To answer an email every day   I think I was starting to feel trapped on my couch with a breastfeeding baby.  Hopefully this will help.  Because I love him and can't get enough of him, but I was starting to resent my husband for not having the ability to feed our...
4 weeks yesterday!     And, last week after his first bath:  
I have a spitter/puker, but no answers.  If it were bad reflux, would they be in pain and losing weight? I wonder.
So lovely!  Congratulations!
Thanks for the video, Kittn!
I want a Sakura Bloom -- I know there are cheaper ring slings, but they're lovely -- but can't articulate to my husband why I'm willing to pay that price. ;) Do you find them easy to breastfeed in?  Because I can't imagine breastfeeding in the Ergo or Moby.  Seems like a lot of adjusting.    My sister-in-law said she'd send me a Kangaroo Korner, too, but she hasn't gotten around to it yet (she works, is in school, and has a toddler, so I won't be bugging her about...
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