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Congratulations!  Glad your labor went so well!
I love the name, too.  I wanted to use it as a middle name if we had a girl.  Congratulations!!
Thanks, Kittn!  I think I can try that...We've been trying the one from the "Happiest Baby on the Block" DVD and it almost holds him.  ;)  
Funny you should mention the woombie.  I really wanted to use one of the gift certificates we were given to buy one for our son (who so far, can escape from our attempts to swaddle him in muslin blankets).  But my husband wants to give it a few more tries to do the swaddling with the standard blankets before buying the woombie.  I'm giving him another night or two, but then I'm getting one if our son is still escaping.  Because right now he's only sleeping 2 or 2 1/2...
Congratulations!  I'm so happy you've given birth at last!! ;)  
  Yes! to everything MonkeysInk wrote.  That's great information.   I'd also say -- start as early as possible. Getting it worked out takes months, in my experience.  I went through this recently (still waiting to hear from my midwife's billing person how it's all worked out), but what I did was:   1. Called the insurance company to talk about homebirth coverage.  Got the run-around.  They claimed I'd need to be having a midwife birth in an "approved facility" even though...
On March 24th I had a surprise footling breech birth at home. The homebirth part was planned, but we had no idea he was breech. My midwife had only done 2 breech births, but that week she and the doula had watched videos of 3 successful vaginal breech births, so it was fresh in their minds that it was possible (also, my midwife was herself a vaginal breech birth back in the late 50s or early 60s).   I felt very comfortable being at home, but the labor was quite fast...
Lovely! Thanks for sharing the story with us.
Great!  Glad he's here!
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