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No you do not.    DS turned 7 in December.  I was pretty sure-even encouraged DH to get a vasectomy (he never did)-that he was going to be it.  I'm happy.  DH has always wanted more.  But has gone along with me-hoping I'd change my mind.  DS has wanted a brother or sister for years.  Talks regularly about when we get a baby.   Three or four weeks ago it changed for me.  I have no idea what it is that changed but it all did.  In late April/May we are going to start trying...
This post has really made me think. We've only had a couple parent-less play dates, but those were with someone we know well. I guess I had never even thought about them watching TV. The whole point right now is to play-toys you do not have . I'm not really worried about anybody we currently know as they know that K does have nightmares so we have to be careful what he watches. He's seen Star Wars, Transformers-but all with DH who fast forwards through all...
I saw pictures recently of Tori Spellings husband getting his toes painted. A lot of alternative musicians paint their nails.
I would definitely not bring food if not asked specifically to bring something. What was the deal with bringing coolers full of food? My only thought is that it could be a cultural thing. But I have never seen or heard of such a thing.
Yay! Congratulations on doing the trail. But it also makes me quite sad that so many told you in the past that you could not do it because of size. Not nice at all, even if they thought they were being helpful.
I understand why you prefer the two bedroom, but I have to say go with the three bedroom without a doubt. Four people in a two bedroom can either be tight or cozy but add any guests and it will be uncomfortable. We are in a 1000sq ft house. It is okay, but right now I have no idea where my MIL will be sleeping when she visits next month. K's train table replaced the futon. I so wish we had the extra bedroom. How long will you be in the apartment? If it were only...
Have you considered getting the tattoo elsewhere? Will it be okay for the tat to be seen or do you not what it to be seen at all while working? If so, you have to keep that in mind with placement. When you sit pant legs go up, so you would either have to wear socks or dark colored hose so that you cannot see it at all.
From the title alone, my first thought was no. Not going to happen. My mother is good to go for retirement. Counting down the days, so no worries there. MIL on the other hand, I am really not so sure. I 'think' she is prepared, but I don't know. I would never move to where she lives. I would also NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER want her living in a house where I am also living. But, if need be, I would help her move near us and find her a place she could afford. But...
Nope. MIL is the nuts one. If she is normally a good MIL, then maybe she thinks you would enjoy the peace and quiet. If she is normally a bad MIL, then maybe she is doing this because she is bitter that she can't travel and see the new baby. What about them going BEFORE that baby is born? Maybe six weeks or so. That way you could have some peace and quiet before the baby is born.
Quote: Originally Posted by nextcommercial Haven't you ever seen someone squatting over, putting something on a shelf or just bent down and had even the slightest urge to kick them in the butt? Of course, you wouldn't DO it... but, it must cross your mind. Mine is to smack the butt. Hard. I generally don't. Unless I know them very well. Usually.
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