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I'm the Queen of Heebie Jeebies. I have a hyperactive imagination. I think every scratch on the roof is one of those aliens from Signs. I don't look at darkened windows for fear of what I'd see peering in (and I don't mean something human). Whenever my hubby is away from home at night, I obsess over the possibility of being abducted by those horrid aliens from Lights In The Sky. During the daylight hours, my paranoia is more based in reality: crackheads that could...
I don't mean to single anyone out or pick a squabble with anyone here; everyone has different needs and priorities and that's just as it should be. But as for myself, I wouldn't use a harness on my own child (my dh and I call them leashes). I am afraid that by confining him to the end of a lead, I would be confining him and thus sabotaging his learning and development. He can't explore and run free in a harness, and for my child it is very important to run free and take...
Ds gets to watch about an hour of morning tv (educational only). Every day at 11:30, I switch the TV off and DS is expected to do other things. Usually we read or go outdoors. And every single day, he screams and cries when the TV goes off. It makes me worry that maybe I shouldn't let him watch it at all... He also screams and cries whenever he sees movie end-credits. Every.single.time.
You just gotta love the little furry mess machines!
So Webkinz are, what? The next generation of beanie babies?
I often lose jewelry in laundry. I fold a towel and set it on the stack; the bracelet or ring ends up inside the stack of towels. Can you borrow a metal detector? Would that help? The vaccuum cleaner is also a good place to look... If all else fails you can do what I had to do once to find an important document... Start at one end of your house and in each room go through each piece of furniture, clothing, book etc until you have absolutely, methodically searched...
the one I hate most is cul8r (see you later) I don't consider W00t or l33t to be words. But I'm stodgy about spelling.
Our family has always been a huge believer in the mantra: "If it is dirty/ugly/useless/taking up too much space, then thou shalt burn the freaking thing." We've burned couches, mattresses, sections of wall, old window frames, tons and tons of junk mail and ancient paperwork. We've burned old carpets, splintery old outbuildings, moldy clothes, you name it. (We sort of make our living by cleaning up distressed properties and then reselling them, so our family has...
Here's what I do. 1. Buy new shirts on clearance, 10 or more at a time. 2. Wear the crap out of them for about 3 years. 3. When the shirts become dirty or faded, toss them into a big sack and save them. 4. When you need to buy more shirts, don't. Instead tie dye the ones you have saved. Presto! A dozen "new" shirts. Also works with sweatpants and jeans (they get recycled into work clothes and then into shorts).
I make bead kits at home and sell them on eBay, using Kaboodle organizer boxes. I use fancy steel and clear acrylic ones for my bead kits... but my favorite is the grandaddy of them all, a huge bubblegum-pink one from about 1987. I use it to store all my OWN beading supplies. Full of stone and metal goodies it weighs about 10 pounds. Kaboodles rock, dude.
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