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I just started taking antibiotics for the first time I can remember on Friday. Yesterday I started feeling painful sores on the top of my mouth, which is, apparently, a side effect of taking antibiotics. Can you recommend a home remedy or over-the-counter treatment for these mouth sores? Is it candida? Ouch.
I was 28 when we bought our first (only) home. It is in my name. At that time a 900 square foot cottage seemed like a good idea with only a toddler. Now, we've got 5yo DD and 7yo DS and one bathroom. NOT ENOUGH SPACE for our family. And of course the kids are growing quickly. Realistically we don't have plans to move anytime soon tho. 
The Hands on Portland website has tons of volunteer opportunities in Portland listed on the calendar and you can search for projects where kids can volunteer: http://www.handsonportland.org. 
About $200. My DD is turning five in two weeks. We spent $150 for the party at the Children's Gym (15 kids) and will spend some $$ on cake, juice, party favors. That will basically be our present to her plus cards and a small cake at home. This will be her first "big" party.
My personal/parenting motto this year has been to "Put the oxygen mask on yourself first, before trying to help others". Just as in flying, you can’t help someone else if you’re not ready yourself. If you don’t take care of YOU first, you’ll have less to share with the world.    My children turned four and seven this year so I feel like I'm moving into a new phase of parenting. I'm trying to remember to take care of myself in all of the mess/business of life and how...
My son couldn't skip until kindergarten (age 5 or 6). Now that he's seven he loves to skip, it's cute and funny. My daughter is turning five soon and she still can't skip. I distinctly remember when I was a kid and going through kindergarten testing. The only thing I couldn't do was skip..
Nope! We do not give gifts to my friend's kids.
I consider 10 pounds+ a big baby. I know many women who've given birth to babies larger than 10 pounds naturally but both of mine were 7.5 pounds.
I voted 'Not at all'. Minus the pepsi in the baby bottle tho!
My 4yo bathes three times a week.
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