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We're going tomorrow. It is fun, but crowded!
It depends on several things for me. My DD started going alone to play dates when she turned 4 with preschool friends (I don't know the parents well but I know them enough to feel I trust them). If it was a parent I had any hint of uncomfortableness then no. My DS is 7 and I've dropped him off at home parties but I still attend parties at public locations. In that circumstance I feel like it can't hurt to have extra adults around keeping an eye on the kids. Also, I guess...
10.5 hours. He is asleep by 9pm and wakes up at 7:30am.
My DS is small too (always has been). At his 7yo well-check in June I think he was 45 pounds and 45 inches.
I voted '12-18 hrs' for my first and '2-3 hrs' for my second.
My first labor was 15.5 excruciating hours. My second labor was less than 3 hours. My midwives kept telling me that the second time may be much faster but I really didn't believe them. Good luck!
I love long, form-fitting jean skirts but apparently that is not the style anymore so they do not sell them at the mall or department stores. I went to our local Goodwill last week and scored two really cute jean skirts for $5 each as well as a couple of cute t-shirts for $3 each. Woot woot!!
My NP just gave me instructions to freeze the capsules if I have problems with "fishy burps". HTH!
All weekend my 4yo DD was saying 'I want to go in the hamper' instead of 'hammock'. And another funny one is, for awhile she would say 'I don't matter' when she was trying to say, kindly, 'It doesn't matter'! My 7yo DS keeps calling his molars that are growing in the back of his mouth his molders or perhaps Fox Moulders.
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