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My DD is 24 months and she's always napped (and slept) in our bed. Now it isn't a problem at all.. when she was younger we had a nightrail and I'd prop some pillows around her.
I voted between 10-12 hours.. really about 11 or 12 hours. All at night, no naps for quite awhile now. He's 4.5 years and very high-energy when he is awake. I'm glad he sleeps well.
Oh yeah, my DD (just turned two) has been a nudist for awhile now She just thinks it is really fun to run around the house being a "nakie baby".
That is adorable! Thanks for sharing.
Well, we are just recovering from a severe bout of the flu bug right now. When she was sick DD wanted nursie CONSTANTLY. Before she would nurse 1-2 times a day. When she was sick she asked about 10+ times a day! I thought I was going to lose my mind.. especially since I was sick too.. I just couldn't give it to her as much as she wanted it.
Yesterday, I asked my DD who is just in love with her nursie, what does it taste like anyway? She answered "candy"! Do you think it could taste like sweet to them or is that just a silly thing she said? No wonder she likes it so much.
Hi mamas, I'm brand new here. I've got a 2yo DD and a 4yo DS. Well I never imagined I would be here, nursing a two-year old. But we did it and I am so happy we did. Makeda has only been sick once (before this week) and that was after flying across the country. She is such a healthy, chill, baby genius.. I definitely attribute breastfeeding to some of those positives. It's been fun hearing her say "nursie in bed, nursie on the couch, other one" I plan to begin...
Congratulations! I think that's awesome. We're hitting two years on Monday!
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