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I'm sorry but that is ridiculous! That makes me upset that a hospital is going to keep your placenta for a week and then make you pay $150 to get it back! It's your property! Rrrgghh.. Is this the norm for hospitals now, or is it the county health office rule? May I ask which hospital it is, I live in Multnomah County and work at OHSU. Good luck mama.
I voted 'Yes, usually'. We always eat dinner together as a family unless my husband has a night class.
My DD's preschool is Tues/Thurs 9-12 and the monthly fee is $140.
My kids are four and six (the 6yo is a notoriously picky eater). Breakfast typically looks like: waffles, french toast, pancakes, scrambled eggs or cold cereal, and veggie sausage and OJ My 6yo does pretty poorly at lunch during school. He'll eat a veggie dog, piece of bread, some fruit and snacks- crackers, chips, cheese stick or fruit snack. Or he may eat spaghetti or mac&cheese in a thermos. Last, grilled cheese. Dinner: Their favorites are: Salmon, greens and...
This was definitely true for me. My first labor was long and hard; 15.5 hours including 2.5 hours of pushing. My midwife kept warning me during my second pregnancy that labor could go much more quickly but I didn't really believe her. On my DD's birth day, after sex and a nap, I woke up and 2.5 hours later my DD "flew out".
Breakfast: A 16oz coffee with cream and sugar. Lunch: A large bean & rice burrito with cheese, salsa, peppers, sour cream and guacamole. Water. It's not dinnertime yet but last night I had: fried fish, couscous and green beans. I don't usually snack much.
We eat out at a restaurant once a week. We get take-out about once a week for a dinner or a weekend lunch as well.
I was on Paxil about 12 years ago and had the hardest time ever getting off of it. It took me about three tries to successfully get off it for 10 years. Then, I had to start taking an SSRI for anxiety and depression. I've been on Lexapro for two years and I just quit from a low dose on Thursday. Since then, I've had the worst, bizarre nightmares and I was convinced my husband doesn't *really* love me Anyone else have nightmares or weird, vivid dreams? Thanks for all...
I watched this Frontline last night and it made me so angry. It just seemed to be such an obviously one-sided attempt to instill fear and make the parents who choose not to follow the CDC vax schedule look like idiots that get their info from youtube. And I always appreciated Frontline in the past. I also can't believe they introduced Jenny McCarthy as a former playboy model. I'm curious about this: Quote: Originally Posted by Sileree Especially...
I always aim to spend around $10, with card between $10-15. I've never given cash or even a gift card as a children's present.
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