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I can only give you anecdotal evidence. When I finally weaned my DD at 2+ years I experienced a lot of anxiety, depression and mood swings simultaneously. I even called a PPD hotline. A friend of mine also weaned around 2 years and also experienced these symptoms. I hope you feel better soon!
I think we started with Charlotte's Web at around that age too. Then we read: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach, The Boxcar Children, Little House in the Big Woods.. almost finished The Hobbit.
My 6 almost 7 yo DS wears size 12 shoes. He is pretty small for his age tho.
Well, I am the sole breadwinner for our household which involves 40 hours of work every single week. Also, I make keeping in touch with nature a priority for our children.. gardening and playing in the backyard, hiking or walking around nature parks several times a week, vacations that involve camping and adventure. We also discuss lots of topics ranging from religion to science to history openly and comfortably together.
We basically have two dinners: 1) easy and 2) easiest. We probably have easiest meals about four nights a week- this includes: spaghetti, mac&cheese, pizza, microwave meals, restaurant (once a week). The other three nights we cook something fresh that takes less than 30 minutes (not counting baking time). Rarely I cook something more complicated than that.
My children are 4yo DD and 6yo DS. My daughter takes ballet through the Community Center part of the year at about $25 per month. My son takes various sports through the Community Center part of the year at about $20 per month. He did an afternoon science class that was about $50 for two months. Plus he will play in a soccer league in Fall for $50. As you can see we spend very little on activities but I/they feel content. For summer camps, my son will go to two weeks of...
I'm not sure this is typical but my first labor was almost 16 hours and my second was about 3 hours total! During my second pregnancy my midwife kept telling me that there's a good chance things will move much more quickly this time; she said that quite a few times but I didn't believe it. About the only thing I didn't *plan for* was a speedy labor.
Hey y'all, I'm Treasure Mapping for the first time this year!!!!! I made most of my map tonight and will do the finishing touches during the next couple days. We have been cleaning house recently but I still have to dig through both kids' clothes to find stuff to pass down. Anyway, just wanted to say HI and to give thanks to Tracy for introducing me to this. I'll post a pic of my treasure map soon.
We eat fish about twice a week. Our family does not eat chicken or red meat so fish is kind of an important part of our diets. We eat baked salmon (yummy!) once a week and either baked or fried cod once a week. I like getting fish tacos when I'm out, I don't know why we don't make them at home.
I'd choose the mac & cheese.
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