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Our family absolutely loves kale and eat it often. We always just saute the greens [after removing main stems] in olive oil with garlic and red pepper flakes (we like it spicy). Add a bit of water if necessary. Then after a few minutes I sprinkle on a little soy sauce or sometimes lemon juice.
My DD just turned four in February. She does not nap anymore (altho when she went to daycare recently she would happily nap) but she sleeps an easy 12 hours at night (8pm - 8am) and I still have to wake her in the morning. She seems to love to sleep! My son, on the other hand, seems to never sleep so...
I had lots and lots of BH with both my son's and daughter's pregnancies and neither came early.
My kids are 2.75 years apart. I feel great about their spacing.. mostly because, my DS, who came first, was a very challenging baby/toddler. I didn't even start thinking about another until he turned two which just happened to be the same time we got pregnant again. Now they are 4 and 6.5 and they get along great (most of the time), play together and love each other so much.
My water broke during active labor both times.
I think it totally varies. But, I worked right up until my due date with each of my children, my last work days were Fridays. My daughter and son were both born during the weekend after I finished work.
My kids LOVE to go camping! They're 4 and 6 now. We like to camp near water usually a river and somewhere there are hiking trails to explore the area. We don't like to camp at big, commercial-type campgrounds. We bring a lot of bedding so that everyone stays warm and comfortable at night, a lantern, batteries, cash to get firewood, a camping stove, an ice chest with ice and food, card games and books. Have fun!
I voted 'No, never'. Giving thanks for that!
At this point in time I would deposit it into our bank account, the black hole.
I had a waterbirth with my first. I ended up spending about five hours in the tub laboring while my DH, also in the tub, rubbed and pressed my back. Then I got out for over 2 hours and tried to push on a birth stool. When the baby was ready to birth, we both climbed back in. I chose not to have a waterbirth with my second.
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