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I have a 6yo DS. 1) No, we do not homeschool. 2) On average, one hour of extra-curricular activities per week.
I took EPO with my daughter's pregnancy and had a nice quick labor and delivery (less than 3 hours total). My water broke after the labor started.
I voted between four and five years. My son learned to ride with no training wheels at 4 1/2. My daughter, however, won't be ready until 5 I think. And both received bikes with training wheels for their third birthdays.
I voted 'we all have the same last name and it's dp's'.. EXCEPT that I kept my maiden name at work. So professionally and for publications people know me by that last name.
I've got a 4yo DD and a 6yo DS. Usually only one of them is scheduled for an activity/class at a time with slight overlap. One activity per child is our limit.
My 6yo DS and I have been playing Sorry, Battleship and checkers lately.
I voted $1000 per month, up to $1200. I am in a very similar economic situation as you. Little debt, take home pay total is $3200 per month and our mortgage is $1150 per month including mortgage interest and taxes. This works for us, we've been in the home for almost six years.
My kids have orange juice. I have coffee.
Quote: Originally Posted by lunita1 I fainted after my first daughter's birth. I vomited throughout labor, and then also lost a fair amount of blood with my tear. I was just wiped out, and when I got up for the first time to go to the bathroom after the birth, I passed out. It didn't happen again with my next two babies, FWIW. This sounds really similar to my first birth experience too. I passed out in the bathroom after a relatively...
The Ladybug Game.
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