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We eat all meals at the table. Our house is tiny with TV room attached to kitchen dining area so they snack in both areas and rarely snack in their bedrooms.
We just started a new family ritual.. Sunday nights at the hot soaking pool. We do lots of stuff together mainly explore nature, take hikes, look for wildlife. If we're lucky we go away on a overnight (hotel or camp).. eat out at our favorite restaurants.
Nope. My first I went into labor around 10pm (six days overdue) and labored for 15 hard hours. My second I went into labor at 4:30pm (one day early) and labored for 2.5 hours! BUT both labors began right after I finally quit working.
My kids love kale too! That's funny, I just saw a recipe in this month's Vegetarian Times for roasted kale, I never thought of roasting it before.
I would tell an overdue first-time mother that the average time to birth for first-timers is actually 42 weeks!
In my experience, it was very very simple. You can check religious exemption on the form and my understanding is that they cannot legally ask you what your religion is or really any questions like that. Oregon's public school vax form now even lets you selectively exempt from some but not all vaxes. It shouldn't be a problem for you at all.
I made a large serving of spicy cauliflower pasta. Including onion, green pepper and cauliflower, tomato sauce with oregano, garlic, red pepper flakes. Topped with grated cheese and cilantro. Yum!
Around 4 would be my guess.
I voted 'one of each': Oldest is a boy, youngest is a girl.
About 7-8 gifts each from us/Santa.
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