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December 2011 Birth Club

Did you have a baby in December 2011? This is the group for you!




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Hi Pregnant Mamas!

Emily at BirthAdventure.com has the Maha al Musa’s 2-disc DVD, “Dance of the Womb: A Gentle Guide to Belly Dance for Pregnancy & Birth,” to offer 5 members of the Mothering community to try out and let other pregnant moms and birth professionals know about. “Dance of the Womb” presents belly dance in its most original form: a birth dance to tone your pelvic muscles and aid them in their work, to soothe and center you in labor and to guide you actively through the process of bringing your baby into the world. The Bellydancebirth® movements are also a great aid for back pain during pregnancy. Disc 1 includes a warm-up and 6 dance chapters, targeting specific movements useful during pregnancy & labor – an excellent prenatal workout plus birthing tool! Disc 2 features a beautiful 50-minute documentary of the instructor’s homebirth (at age 46!) using the belly dance movements, and includes commentary by two midwives on the effectiveness of these movements for both mother and baby.

If you're interested in being considered, send a PM to Cynthia Mosher explaining why you would be a good candidate to review this product. You will place your review in our Product Review page for the "Dance of the Womb" DVD. Deadline for sending your PM is Sunday October 30th at 6 PM Pacific.
Mothering › Groups › December 2011 Birth Club