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Unplanned C-section Support Group

This is a supportive place to share and discuss the experience of having an unplanned c-section after a long and/or difficult labor. How long is long? We don't wish to set an arbitrary time frame. If you feel you would benefit from contributing to the conversation, please feel free to join. Caregivers, partners, or those who lives have been touched indirectly by unplanned c-section after long/difficult labor are as welcome as women who have lived these experiences. This is a space to share our stories, tips/resources for recovery (physical & emotional), and our hopes & dreams for the future. Women in all stages of recovering/processing are welcome here. To keep this space safe and welcoming to all, please speak from your own experience, and refrain from criticizing someone else's experience. Our journeys have many similarities, but they are not identical. There are many paths to recovery and we are all in different places on those paths. Welcome!

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Mothering › Groups › Unplanned C-section Support Group