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A Review On: 9' Umbrella Table Screen By Collections Etc

9' Umbrella Table Screen By Collections Etc

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Pros: high-lignan, organic, great flavor, cold processed, non-GMO, 100% guarantee

Cons: must be purchased refrigerated or it may go rancid

I received a small sample of Barlean's to try and liked it. The flavor was excellent: a bit nutty and very fresh-tasting. It's incredibly important that you purchase this oil fresh and refrigerated at a local health food store, not ordered online. Flax oil can quickly go rancid. You'll know if your oil smells or tastes bad or if it is cloudy.


Barlean's guarantees their product and I love that it's cold-pressed, non-GMO and 100% organic. If you are looking for flax oil that you can add to smoothies or use in cooking, I recommend it.


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