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Great travel changing pad for hard surfaces

A Review On: Ah Goo Baby - The Plush Pad - Zoo Frenzy

Ah Goo Baby - The Plush Pad - Zoo Frenzy

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Pros: Very cozy cover and soft pad insert

Cons: Not very long

I bought this to use as a travel changing pad at my parents home as they have tile throughout their house and didn't want baby to lie on a cold hard floor when I was changing him. This changing pad has served it's purpose wonderfully. The pad is a very soft foam and almost feels like memory foam when it's in the cover. The foam piece is easily removable through a zipper pouch and the cover easily cleans in the washing machine, and the whole pad rolls up and ties toegther easily for travel use. I do wish it was longer, though. My son is close to 29 inches long and his torso and half of his head fit on the pad with his legs hanging off at this point.


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