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Alva Baby One Size Pocket Diapers

75% Positive Reviews
Rated #92 in Cloth Diapers


Pros: low cost, one size, adorable minkee prints, hip snaps

Cons: cheap PUL, so-so stuffing, not all have hip snap, can blowout

$5.59 a diaper is a crazy deal, but I was very wary.  I had a few ebay "Palm & Pond" diapers that I hate - low quality, not waterproof, etc.  Still, since day-care was CD friendly I needed some new low-maintenance diapers and I took the risk.

These have been used daily for a month, and so far I'm pleased. 



Sizing seems good and standard for one-size diapers (too big for newborns but other than that OK)

Variety of prints, many in minkee

Most of my diapers had hip snaps, so no wing drop!

Very soft lining

Seems well-sewn

After a month of warm washes, no issues with separation/bubbling




This is the lower quality PUL, so will feel a little damp when wet.  Not damp enough to leave a mark though. 

Insert is only so-so, better than the other China diapers I have but less absorbent than a prefold.

Most of the diapers were pictured without a hip snap, but arrived with.  I was very happy about that, but if I ordered more I would be sure to specify I the extra snaps.

There is no double leg gusset, so poop can creep out the sides.  This was not a deal-breaker for me, since anything with a double gusset costs twice as much.


Overalll - I would recommend these, especially for dads/daycare.  My son was getting a rash from prefolds at daycare, because they could hold a lot of pee and my Bummies/Thirsties covers never wicked, so he sat in wet diapers longer.  Because these have a fleece lining and are cheaper, they keep his bottom a bit drier and have to be changed more.  They have major cute factor (fuzzy giraffe bottom!), are easy for newbiw CDers to use, and the price point is fantastic.  For overnights, a quality diaper is still needed, and for babies with EBF poop a more blowout proof diaper may be needed.  But for what I need right now, these are great.



ETA - my husband forgot to pick up the dirty diapers.  Day care does not rinse, so the diapers were full of poop and tied up in a garbage bag for an entire weekend.  The diapers survived!  The cotton inserts were a bit stained, but they did not get eaten (I have a prefold that was also forgotten once, and the fibers broke down, levaing ragged holes).  The fleece and PUL rinsed clean and are stain-free.  These have become my favorite diapers.


Pros: Super cute designs, nice price, haven't had any leaks!

Cons: Not made in the U.S.A

I got a few Alve all in ones last month. They are super cute, We haven't had any leaks and they're ver affordable! Can't really go wrong with them when trying to up your stash!


Pros: Inexpensive

Cons: Fit

Alvas are a great, inexpensive diaper with lots of cute pattern and color options...they just don't have a good 'overall' fit in my opinion. I have 3 different ones and only one fits ok, the other two are huge at the waist and legs at the smallest setting (and they are the same ones). My daughter is slim and narrow so maybe bigger babies will have a better fit...but the inconsistency and poor fit don't work in my home.


Pros: Cheap, cute prints

Cons: has leaked, smaller opening

I have a couple of these and they are super cute!  They work well as a daytime diaper.  They have leaked when I have used for an overnight diaper.  The snaps come undone sometimes when I am putting the diaper on.  They do not have as big of an opening so big handed people may have a harder time stuffing.  All in all they are not a bad pocket for the price.

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Alva Baby One Size Pocket Diapers

One size pocket diapers made in China

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