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Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump - Carry All Reviews


Loved it


Pros: Light weight

Cons: Difficult to find replacement parts in stores

I pumped for a year at work and this worked great. I choose it over the Pump in style because it was lighter and less expensive.  I am still nursing but don't need to pump anymore. I think it will be fine for baby #2 as well.  

Reliable enough for this traveling WOHM.


Pros: closed system, replaceable parts, battery operated

Cons: getting sold on the carry-all when all you need is the pump

So look: I went back to work at 12 weeks to my job that has me on an airplane at least twice a month.  I needed a pump that would work, reliably, in odd situations.  I also needed one that could stand up to my personal butterfingers issues-- I drop everything.  Ameda to the rescue.   5 reasons I love this pump: 1) You can buy it without the bag and optional accessories.  In other words, for under $200 you get an awesome pump, because who wants the ugly black bag anyway? 2) You can replace parts when they break.  I dropped the AC/DC charger in an airport and freaked, only to find like 4 places online that would sell me just that part. 3) You can...
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a true workhorse


Pros: durable, hygienic, easy to use & clean, lasts forever

Cons: suction could be stronger

This pump was given to me by a friend as a hand-me-down.  She had bought it used off Craigslist.  She used it every day as a full-time WOH mom, as did the previous owner.  I used it fairly frequently for my daughter.  It will soon be on its SIXTH baby, and still going strong!    As other reviewers have noted, the pump has a closed collection system, which means that the milk cannot get into the tubing.  I love this feature, both because it makes it MUCH easier to clean than other systems, and because it means I can sterilize a handful of parts and be confident that my baby's milk is being collected in a sterile environment.    The...
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Loved the Ameda


Pros: clean, sterile, easy to use

Cons: at times I wish it had more suction

Great pump.  At times I wish it had more suction, but that may have been because I had problems with my milk supply.  

loved it


Pros: closed system, strength/speed control, milk can sit in the bottle holders, nice bag

Cons: none that I can think of

I had this pump, and loved it.  It is a closed system, so milk can not get into the tubing/or motor.  You can adjust the speed and strength on 2 different dials.  It has a bottle holder on top of the pump, which is very convenient when you are trying to pump with top heavy bottles (because the flange is on) and you need to set them down for a min.  I also have a medela pump in style, and would recommend this pump over the medela.  It also comes with a car jack, so you can pump in the car...which I love because we camp and travel!

I love it!


Pros: Reliable, adjustable, cheaper than Medela

Cons: Not available in all stores

I love my Purely Yours! I WOH full-time, and this pump has been used up to 6 times a day for almost 2 years. It has travelled a LOT as well, including internationally, and it's a sturdy, reliable pump that has taken the abuse of being taken to work and back daily, chucked into the car and dropped on the floor, etc. The adjustable cycle speed and suction makes it quickly and easily adjustable for comfort. Also, I've called Customer Service twice and was shipped a new part and a whole new pump within 24 hours... Fabulous!

Awesome Pump at a Great Price!!!


Pros: Efficient, Hygienic Design, Sleek Carrying Case, Great Price

Cons: None

I started using this pump when my son was a couple months old to build up a store of breast milk for when I returned to work.  This pump is comparable to Medela, but has the advantage of being safe for multiple users because the milk doesn't touch the components.  "Each Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump features a closed system pump, so that expressed milk doesn't get into the air lines. This feature allows Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pumps to be used by multiple users, with the purchase of a new HygieniKit milk collection system" (http://www.amedadirect.com/ameda-purely-yours-breast-pump.html ). I highly recommend this pump for mamas who work outside the home.  The...
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