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A Review On: Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump - Carry All

Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump - Carry All

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Pros: durable, hygienic, easy to use & clean, lasts forever

Cons: suction could be stronger

This pump was given to me by a friend as a hand-me-down.  She had bought it used off Craigslist.  She used it every day as a full-time WOH mom, as did the previous owner.  I used it fairly frequently for my daughter.  It will soon be on its SIXTH baby, and still going strong! 


As other reviewers have noted, the pump has a closed collection system, which means that the milk cannot get into the tubing.  I love this feature, both because it makes it MUCH easier to clean than other systems, and because it means I can sterilize a handful of parts and be confident that my baby's milk is being collected in a sterile environment. 


The only slighly negative thing about this pump is that I have to turn it all the way up to the highest settings in order to get enough suction to be really effective.  However, at this setting it works great for me, so I have no complaints.  I'd imagine a new one with a new motor might have a bit more power -- I admit this one has been around for a while!  But boy, what a long-lasting, durable product.  I'm hoping it lasts through all my kids! 


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