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Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Breast Pump

75% Positive Reviews
Rated #8 in Breast Pumps


Pros: Easy to clean attachments

Cons: Loud, didn't yield as much as others said, difficult to pack up

I think that this is party due to my love/hate relationship with puming.  I pumped every two hours and barely got 2 oz. So I felt quite defeated at times.


I found the machine to be loud, and diffiult to pack up. 


I think that if you are able to produce more milk, then it might work for you. But I hated having to sit in a chair every two hours to pump and I ended up just giving up bottle feeding and went to a lactation consultant to get my daughter to latch on again.


Pros: Easy to adjust to you, easy to use

Cons: Valves have to be replaced every so often, not very quiet

I really like this pump.  I've used it between two children and about 14-15 months for each kid.  I am a stay at home mom but use this because I have oversupply and find if I pump each morning I'm good the rest of the day and don't have overactive letdown issues as the day goes on.  I'm able to pump a lot of milk quickly with this.  I love that I can adjust it very easily to how I like to use it.  I don't like the extra things to put in the flanges-it made the opening in the flange too small for me.


Pros: Works great; good control over suction/speed.

Cons: Beeping loudly; not soft flanges

I've used this pump through two babies and I just LOVE it! To be fair, it is the only electric I've ever used, but tried to use a manual pump beforehand and I never got more than 1 oz at a time, then tried the Ameda Purely Yours and I could get 4 oz or more. It's comfortable; I like how I can adjust the suction and speed. The only thing is I would like is there to be soft flanges and for it to be quiet. It beeps all the time.. why??


Pros: Price and performance

Cons: Not in love with the new tote

After 5 trusty years, my previous Ameda pump bit the dust, so I ran out and bought this newest version. They had a $50 rebate on their website, so that helped! smile.gif I have to say, it's performance is just as great as my previous pump, though the styling is a little snazzier. This set comes with a much nicer looking tote bag, though I find I prefer the older style bag just because things fit in there a bit better without shifting all over. This set comes with multiple flange sizes, which is especially great for new pumpers or really anyone who wants to try out the different sizes for comfort. Everything is clearly marked as BPA-free in this version as well (which may have been the case before, but it wasn't advertised that way). The freezer packs that come with this set are the best, most durable I've seen. Two thumbs up!
Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Breast Pump

Newly styled purely yours ultra breast pump. Dual hygienekit milk collection system. Ultra suede/fauz leather tote. Cool 'n carry tote.

BindingBaby Product
FeatureCool 'n carry tote
List Price$299.99
Product GroupBaby Product
Product Type NameBABY_PRODUCT
TitleAmeda Purely Yours Ultra Breast Pump
Release Date2010-01-01
Height11.4 inches
Length15.8 inches
Weight7.6 pounds
Width7.9 inches
Batteries Included0
Package Quantity1
Manufacturer Minimum Age1
Manufacturer Maximum Age24
Battery Description6 AA
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Mothering › Product Reviews › Breastfeeding › Breast Pumps › Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Breast Pump