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Arm's Reach Mini Co-Sleeper Bassinet - Natural Reviews

Positive Reviews


Perfect fit for our family!


Pros: Small, easy to set up

All three of my kids have used this, until about 6 months old. At that point they could crawl out, so we had to put it away. It is perfect for having baby next to you at night and yet in their own space.

Great while it lasts


Pros: Perfect to keep baby close

Cons: Grow out of it after 6 months

I didn't have a cosleeper with my first, she started out in her crib and ended up in my bed. I got it for my second and it was such a huge help. It kept baby close, but in her own space. I Breastfeed at night so I was able to feed easily, then put her back in. I wish you were able to drop the mattress down, like a pack and play so you can use it longer. I needed the extenders because my bed is tall and it was no problem,

Negative Reviews


I wanted to love it, but really didn't


Pros: A good idea

Cons: My baby disliked it; grew out of it very quickly

I bedshared with my first child, but always felt vaguely worried in the newborn days.  He wouldn't sleep anywhere but beside me, so we did what worked.  With my second we decided to try the Arm's Reach mini-cosleeper bassinet from right away in hopes that she'd be used to sleeping near me, but separately.  It didn't really work.  My baby never seemed to like it.  The cardboard-like mattress was too firm-- she always woke when set down no matter what we tried.  She was 11 lbs 4 oz at birth and nearly filled the bassinet.  Now she is three months old, 20 lbs and too long to fit in the bassinet at all, even if we were to try.  Also, one of...
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Babe ended up in bed


Pros: Small, babe is close

Cons: our kiddo NEVER slept in it!

So, the only time my almost 1 1/2 year old has slept out of my bed was the night he was born (not by my choice!). We had the co-sleeper set up for about 2 months, and it held laundry very nicely. I mean, I could probably fit 2/3 of the kid's clothes in there. I can see how people love these, and we had every intention of using it, but it was easier and more natural to keep the breast-loving kid snuggled up very close. By the time I was thinking, "Okay, maybe baby should sleep on his own for awhile" he was rolling over and it was unsafe to be in the co-sleeper. He was rolling around very early but it does seem like this product has a very limited amount of time that it could actually be...
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More Reviews


Not worth the price.


Pros: Looks nice, keeps baby close

Cons: Outgrown Quickly, not tall enough

I was lent this co-sleeper from a friend for the first few months. I think it would have been a lovely sleeper except our bed is very tall so it didn't quite connect like I wanted it too. I DID like that it seemed comfortable, looked nice in the room, did not take up much space. But it didn't really get used that much. And it is grown out of quickly for the price. 

Mostly Good If You Really Use It


Pros: Baby close enough to touch, baby in own space, relatively easy to assemble

Cons: Won't be close enough for some mom/baby pairs, a bit expensive, baby will outgrow quickly

Overall: Definitely better than a traditional bassinet if you definitely want separate space but you won't be close enough to be really bed sharing.   So, we bought this for our first baby in 2008.   We liked it just fine. It took a minute to assemble and figure out how to properly attach it to the bed, but it was do-able.   Baby slept in it for day 2 naps and maybe night 2? Quickly, we realized that if she was not able to snuggle up against mommy and nurse, it wasn't working for her. So, we didn't get much use out of it.   For your money if you want nursing access and close snuggles, I'd go for the humanity family bed product or something similar.   If...
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Love the mini co-sleeper


Pros: baby is right next to me when she's not in our bed

Cons: wish it had higher sides

We loved our mini-cosleeper!  Easy to nurse baby at night and put her in a safe place right next to me.  

Good for the first few months


Pros: compact size, storage space attaches easy

Cons: only works for a few months

We had this gifted to us and is was wonderful for the first few months.  After that, my DD outgrew it and was moved to her crib.  It would be a great co-sleeper for someone who doesn't plan to or want to cosleep beyond the early baby stage or if you only had a very small space to put it in.
Mothering › Product Reviews › Baby Gear › Co-Sleepers › Arm's Reach Mini Co-Sleeper Bassinet - Natural › Arm's Reach Mini Co-Sleeper Bassinet - Natural Reviews