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Baby Bjorn Air Carrier

50% Positive Reviews


Pros: machine washable, built in storage, front-facing

Cons: minimal back support, bulky when folded

It took my son a couple of weeks to adjust to this carrier and he eventually liked being in it. I found it very helpful at first; the hands-free capability. However, as my son grew and gained weight, carrying him in the Air hurt my back. I just thought it was me, but the carrier really had minimal back support. My husband really wanted one of these since he saw his brother had one, so I didn't bother doing more research. I wish I had. If I did, I probably would have registered for a different model or a different brand altogether.


Pros: has it's own strage bag built in, adjustable for mom or dad, easy to clean

Cons: lots!

I bought this used and I have to say I am GLAD that I didn't spend the full price on it. It made my back and shoulders hurt and seemed to cut off the circulation in my son's legs. He refused to sit in it for more than maybe 30 minutes at a time. We just had too many problems with this carrier so we never used it.

Baby Bjorn Air Carrier

The Baby Bjorn Air Carrier helps keep you and baby cooler with soft 3D mesh, specially desinged for Baby Bjon. The fabric keeps baby cool and comfortable while providing vital closeness between parent and baby. As with other Baby Bjorn Baby Carriers, the Air Carrier can be used for newborns (at least 8lbs, with the safety strap) as well as for older babies (up to 25lbs). Newborns should be carried facing inward and older babies that can hold their heads up may be carried forward facing. The baby Bjorn Air Carrier is easy to fold into the attached elastic bag and takes up very little space. The bag folds into an inside pocket when not in use. Features: Built-in support for baby's head Extra-soft mesh is comfortable against baby's chin Wide padded shoulder straps for maximum comfort Rigid mesh along sides gives excellent stability Flexible 3D mesh dissipates heat and moisture Up to 138% better heat flow and 30% better moisture flow than other carriers Carrier fits neatly into attached bag; bag folds into inside pocket when not in use Age: birth & up to 25lbs

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Mothering › Product Reviews › Babywearing › Soft Structured Carriers › Baby Bjorn Air Carrier