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Baby K'tan Baby Carrier

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #2 in Stretchy Wraps


Pros: Comfortable, simple instructions, easy to use

Cons: Not size adjustable, very warm

Bought this at Target for my 6-week-old daughter. Love it! Not as daunting as other wraps. It comes with very simple instructions and is easy to use. Unfortunately, it is not size adjustable, so my husband can't use it. It is also very warm, so probably wouldn't be great for Summer. May want to invest in the K'Tan Breeze if I'm still using it during warmer months.


Pros: Fun to put on, easy to put baby in/take baby out, very cute, comfy

Cons: Size specific

I fell in love with this carrier the moment I put it on. Yes, I fumbled through the instructions, but once I had it down, I had it down and this was delightful to use.  It's a wrap style, but it's nature takes away a lot of the wrapping for you.  It's versatile for various ways of carrying, and I love how soft it is.  


Pros: Different options of wearing from Infant to Toddler, Easy to use

Cons: Size fitted

For my oldest son we had a carrier and we were not impressed with what it offered. It did not feel compfortable enough for parent and child. Therefore i researched for my second son the sling options. Baby Ktan seemed to be the easiest and user friendliest option to me. I love the soft fabric and the different options you can wear it. The fabric is soft but strong enough to hold your child in place. I washed it quiet a few times and it still looks like new. I also use it as a Breastfeeding cover...so I got another usage out of the Ktan. I just love this product joy.gif


The only downside is the sizing. Only one parent can wear it, unless you are build the same....which makes the Ktan a more expensive product, since you would have to purchase two if both parents would like to carrie the baby.


Pros: Easy to use, comfy, soft, secure

we LOVE our Baby K'tan. we actually first tried out a moby wrap, but we ended up getting rid of and going with the Baby K'tan because it is so much easier! you can wear it in all the same ways as a wrap without having to wrap it at all. it is super easy to use, the fabric is nice and soft, and our little one loves it.


Pros: grows with baby, very soft, many wearing styles, not to hard on my back.

Cons: Sized item makes it unsharable with hubby.

I cannot imagine how I lived without the Baby K'tan with my first child. One of my girlfriends suggested this carrier to me and I purchased it from their website. At first I was apprehensive about it and my newborn. I was familiar with the wrap style carriers and they looked so complicated. Once dd made it to minimum weight of 8 pounds, I started using the K'tan and haven't stopped since. The directions were easy to follow and after a while, it was easy as pie! We have been able to try the different positions as she's gotten older (some positions require head control). She loves the K'tan. If I ever need her to fall asleep, I use the K'tan. If she is crying and wants to be held, I use the K'tan. If I want to get some chores done around the house or even shopping, I use the K'tan. This is a great carrier for moms on the go. since it is lightweight and can just be tossed into a baby bag or purse. If I lost my Baby K'tan today, I would go online and buy another one hands-down!


Pros: easy learning curve

Cons: had to wash a lot to regain shape

I agonized over what baby carrier would best fit my needs.  Being the cheapskate that I am, I didn't want to end up getting a whole slew of carriers (ha! says the girl with 5 carriers now...), and I thought the Baby K'Tan would be the most versatile.  After all, the product description did say that it would work up to 35 lbs...and look at all the different carrying positions you can use with it!  Well, while it didn't live quite up to the idealistic expectations I had for it, it was a great first carrier for me.  First off, I shied away from the Moby because I was afraid I just wouldn't get the hang of wrapping. I believed in babywearing so much that I didn't want such a silly obstacle as not knowing how to use the darn thing stand in the way of me and wearing my baby.  But, being the silly vain mama that I am, I really like the look of a Moby.  So when I heard of the Baby K'Tan, which has been described as a wrapless wrap, I figured it was pretty much genius.  And for the first couple months of my DD's life, it pretty much was.  Really pretty easy to get the hang of it.  Even my DH (who is about the same size as me, which is important to point out, since we only have one baby K'Tan, and it is a sized product ) who has no use for reading directions was able to figure it out from me just showing him how to use it.  It is a very 'poppable' carrier to use-- great for running errands.  I have, however since graduated to other carriers, partly for a couple reasons pertaining to the Baby K'Tan.  Like its stretchy wrap counterparts, I did notice some sagging issues after wearing it several times in a row, necessitating the need to wash it to shrink it back up a bit.  Now that I have used a Moby type stretchy wrap (homemade), that is an advantage to stretchy wraps-- I could get a little more life out of my homemade wrap before having to wash it to shrink up.  I don't think the Baby K'Tan will last to 35 lbs and be comfortable.  My DD is 15 lbs, and I now use my Storch woven wrap and a ring sling almost exclusively. I may revisit the baby K'Tan for the hip carries, which I haven't tried. I would recommend the Baby K'Tan for a mama just starting out wearing a newborn.  It's snuggly, molds well around the baby, and has an easy learning curve which is a plus in those early weeks when there's just so much to learn already!


Pros: Fit our preemie really securely

Cons: Didn't fit well with a toddler

Excellent fit for our 4lb preemie.  It was easy to put on and use, and fit comfortably for long or short trips.  The only drawback was that by a year and a half, our daughter outgrew this carrier.  I guess I could have ordered a bigger size in the beginning, but it would have been too big for our little one.  The construction is great, and it washes well.  It is the carrier that lives in the van along with my Moby.


Pros: Easy to use, versatile, convenient, quick, simple to understand, stylish, savy, inexpensive

Cons: none from me! I just loved it entirely.

My husband and I thouroughly loved the Baby K'tan.  It was easy to transfer our little one in and out.  We both learned how to use it very fast.  We felt that the sling was convenient and versatile.  We could hold her close to us in a variety of different positions.  I recommend it to all my friends!  They come in a variety of colors.  We found ours at target on sale.  I felt that the price was completely fair and we used the sling to carry little V around daily until she was about 1_1/2. As she got bigger and heavier, I did feel a little back discomfort but I knew that was due to a change of position need, i.e. wear her on my back instead of my front or side.  Overall, what a great find.

Baby K'tan Baby Carrier

You won't find any other carrier quite like the Baby K'tan Baby Carrier. Made of 100% natural cotton and ergonomically designed to offer support for your back and shoulders, it provides a safe, comfortable place for your little one to rest while you're on the go. Baby K'tan is a unique cross between a sling and a more structured front baby carrier that allows you to wear it in eight different positions, including a one-of-a-kind double sling position perfect for twins! There's no complicated wrapping and it's so simple to use. It's the perfect gift for Mom and Dad! Features: Eight different positions: Cradle, Explore, Hug, Adventure, Two-Hip, Hip, Back, and Twin Sling Instruction manual included No complicated wrapping for ease of use Adjustable back support band for a comfortable, secure fit Made of 100% natural cotton, free of chemicals and azo dyes Can be used from Preemie to Preschool (up to 42 lbs.) Comes with matching infant hat Sizing: Carrier size XS- fits Women dress size 0-4 Carrier size S- fits Women dress size 6-8, Men suit jacket up to 38 Carrier size M- fits Women dress size 10-12, Men suit jacket 39-42 Carrier size L- fits Women dress size 14-16, Men suit jacket 43-46 Note: If you are petite (5'4" or under), choose smaller carrier size  

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