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BABYBJÖRN Little Potty - White Reviews


Great little potty


Pros: small size, contour fits little bodies well

Cons: dumping is kind of messy

I bought this potty to keep in our van to use on the go.  I love it's small size and how easy it is for my tiny toddler to sit on.  The one piece design is nice as well and you don't have to take it apart to clean it if not all the potty makes it into the bowl.  It is a little bit of a pain to dump out though, especially for poop. 

Why is this Discontinued??


Pros: Size, portability, design, ease of clean-up

Cons: Discontinued, no non-slip

I use this potty for my 9 month old daughter (we practice elimination communication), and it is our favorite.  She has been able to sit on it comfortably since around 4-5 months old, and I think it will work for a long time to come.  It is compact so I can take it to the car when we go out.  My favorite aspect of this potty is that when my daughter sits on it, she is in a squat rather than just sitting on a chair with a hole.  Only downside is that it has no non-slip surface on the bottom, so it slides around the bathroom floor.   I would purchase more if they hadn't been discontinued!

great value potty


Pros: great fit for small bottoms, no splashing due to high rise at front

Cons: not the easiest to empty

I bought 2 of these, one for the sitter's house, and one for my car. Good value, easy for my daughter to sit on, big enough opening. Well thought out design, but harder to empty cleanly than some. Still the best value for money

Simple and Effective


Pros: portable, great for EC

Cons: can stick a little to toddler bottoms

My daughter began using this potty occasionally when she was 10 months old and my son started when he was just a few months old (with me holding him above it). It's a great size for ECing. It's easy to take in the car or in the basket of a stroller, and I could easily take it anywhere in the house so my kids could "go" anywhere they happened to be. Easy to clean, no pinch points.   The only trouble we have is that sometimes if my toddler's been sitting there for a bit (engrossed in a book or something while taking care of business), the potty can stick a little to his bum as he stands up and then release suddenly an inch or so from the floor, causing a minor spill. He's learned...
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GREAT for the Vehicle


Pros: Small, All one piece, Practical, Just the Right Size

When my 9 mos old started using the big potty, I needed to find one I could keep in the vehicle for him.  This one is perfect!  It is just the right size to fit into my otherwise crowded vehicle to keep with all my other stuff needed for six kids.   Plus it fit my 9 mos old and still is perfect for my 19 mos old son.  I love the raised lip that is non-detachable to prevent him from making messes and missing the potty.  The design is easy to keep clean and has no hidden crevices and no detachable parts.  I highly recommend!

practical and affordable


Pros: cute, portable, affordable

Cons: might be too short for an older or taller child

What we loved best about this potty was that it didn't take up a lot of space and it's easy to move around to where you need it or take it along to Grandma's. We ended up having two -- one for the bathroom, and in the warmer months we had one for the back porch so our little guy wouldn't 'forget' to use it while too busy playing. Having a potty nearby was a great incentive for him to use it more often too. They're durable too and will last through many kids. We got ours here: http://www.babybunz.com/Baby-Bjorn-Potty.html 

We love this potty


Pros: Affordable, BPA-, Phthalate-, Lead-Free, No crevices for icky clean-up, cute colors

My toddler became very interested in the potty around 9 months old, so I decided to get her her own child-sized potty to explore. It fit her well at that age and has continued to suit her as she grows. The wide base provides stability so that the potty does not tip no matter how she climbs onto it, and it has been spill-proof so far. It is lightweight enough that my little girl can lift it herself, which seems to enhance her sense of ownership of the potty--she sometimes likes to carry *her* potty into another room, then proudly to sit down. I think Montessori proponents often like this potty for a reason. When DD actually has used the potty it has been very easy to wash. Again, it is...
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Perfect Potty


Pros: great size

Cons: none

Small, easy for a 16mo to get on herself.  No parts to pinch or have to have to clean around.

Everything you need


Pros: Easy to use, contoured, small size, simple

Cons: For smaller kids

This potty has everything you need and nothing you don't. It's easy to sit babies on and to clean without using characters, music, or multiple parts that can be hard to assemble or clean. I love it, although my toddler is getting a little big for it, so if you're training with an older or bigger child, it might not be for you.

Best potty out there by FAR!


Pros: perfect height and size, fits baby nice, easy to use, strong, easy cleaning.

Cons: none.

I just love this potty! When I started looking into EC potties this one was all I was hearing about. So I went out and bought one and I am SO glad. Fits my baby perfect! Easy and fast to use. It can easily be stored on the sidelines and pulled out fast when needed. This potty is a must have. Couldn't say anything negative about it. :D
Mothering › Product Reviews › Diapering › Potty Learning › BABYBJÖRN Little Potty - White › BABYBJÖRN Little Potty - White Reviews