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BabyHawk Mei Tai Baby Carrier Reviews

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Big busted women rejoice!


Pros: Personalization in size and design

Cons: None

I own three BabyHawks; two regular and one ToddlerHawk. All of these carriers have been wonderful for me.I have owned a variety of carriers in the last 10 years; from wraps slings, to ring slings, various structured carriers and every other variation. I have a large bust and have breastfed continuously since my eldest was born in 2001. I am currently expecting my 5th child in the next few months. I find wearing carriers difficult without making my bust more noticeable or squashing myself. I hate the chest straps on most carriers because they either cut across the top, bottom or across my bust in a back carry. And in a front carry I end up feeling like my baby is suffocating in my...
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Style and comfort


Pros: Great design, great fabric selection

Cons: Too many choices?

My first babyhawk was a small, minkee lined mei tai that was "middle of the road". I got it sometime in 2005, I believe (all my dates are approximate, and I don't always remember which carriers I've paid for and which I've done as testers, so bear with me on those.) It was cute, but didn't stand out, comfort-wise. They changed a bit of the design after that.   We got a Toddlerhawk before going on a cruise, sometime in 2006 or 2007. A deep green with a gorgeous mandala on it, my husband was happy to wear it, and one of my favorite pictures is of him, with our daughter on his back in the Toddlerhawk, walking down the steps at the Panama Canal while she tries to grab the Panama...
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The only carrier for us!


Pros: Comfortable, easy to use, stylish

Cons: Expensive

I have a high needs baby who always wants to be held, but hates being worn. After going through a couple of different wraps and more structured carriers I was ready to admit defeat in the babywearing arena. But I decided to give it one last shot and ordered a BabyHawk. I had a lot of fun customizing what I wanted my carrier to look like and I was really excited to get it in the mail. It's stylishness did not disappoint, and to my surprise neither did its functionality! My daughter loves being in it!    

I just keep coming back to the best I ever had :)


Pros: Perfect fit every time, skin to skin possible, customizable, multiple carry options, not bulky.

Cons: VERY small learning curve.

This is without a doubt the single best "baby" item I own. I LOVE the fact that since you retie it every time you put it on, it fits everyone perfectly, every time. I love that you can use this in a front, back, OR hip carry, without overly heavy padding or bulky straps and buckles around my neck. The unbelievably endless options for strap and fabric make this one of the most exciting and personal items I purchased for my daughter (or is it for myself? :) )

Love my BHMT


Pros: Comfy, cute, perfect

Love the BHMT.  It's easy to use, super comfy for baby, versitile, cute with all the prints.  I reach for this over any of my other carriers.
Mothering › Product Reviews › Babywearing › Mei-Tei & Onbuhimo › BabyHawk Mei Tai Baby Carrier › BabyHawk Mei Tai Baby Carrier Reviews