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Leak proof overnight.

A Review On: Babykicks Organic One Size Fitted Diaper

Babykicks Organic One Size Fitted Diaper

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Pros: Soft, absorbent, insert pocket

This cotton/hemp fitted diaper had superb absorbency and feels soft. The diaper contains a pocket where you can stuff the absorbent ones size cotton insert. It also comes with a fleece insert for the stay dry feel. My six month old was wetting through our other cloth diapers at night, this one leaves us leak free. The diaper is designed so that the whole diaper is absorbent. At this stage parts remain dry in the morning suggesting that it should continue to be absorbent enough for nights as she grows. This was a great addition to our diaper stash and I want more.

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That should have been 5 stars but I cannot figure out how to edit that.