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BabyKicks Prefold Diaper 3-Pack Reviews


Amazing for Overnight


Pros: Trim, Soft, Great Overnight

Cons: None

I LOVE this prefold!  I wish I had a blanket made out of this hemp fleece, it is so soft. There is a little stretch to the prefold which makes using a snappi and getting a great fit so easy. They fit under all the covers I have and under all her clothes. This is my favorite diaper for overnight. We trifold a medium and put it in a pocket diaper and it is bullet proof. We have never had a leak and it has never even been completely soaked. These wash super well and dry surprisingly quickly compared to some of my bulkier prefolds. I was sent this diaper for review.

Best Prefold Ever


Pros: Folds easily, absorbent, trim, fits in covers well

Cons: none

I can't say enough how much I love these prefolds. I got a small and a medium one to try from Babykicks and honestly, I never thought I'd say this - but it makes me want to actually use prefolds.    I had only used cotton prefolds before. I trifold my prefolds and the cotton ones end up so poofy and huge that there are giant gaps at the legs where I put the cover on. The Babykicks Hemp Prefolds don't have this problem at all! They are very thin and trim which I absolutely love. The medium prefold fits perfectly in my Bummis size Medium covers and my Thirsties size 2 covers. The small prefold is just the right size to stuff in a Babykicks pocket diaper.    I...
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BEST Newborn Diaper!


Pros: Soft, Absorbent, Fast Drying

Cons: Learning curve

I had a preemie and this prefold ROCKED! The preemie (yellow Trim) fit my baby from birth (5lbs, 13oz) until he was able to fit into his one size diapers. They are leak proof, when paired with a Bummis Super Brite cover. There was a learning curve with using the snappi with these, but once I got it, it was a cinch. I watched many of the video's on BabyKicks YouTube channel and they were SO helpful. These were so absorbent, I never had a leak, and OH SO SOFT! My mind was put at ease with these super soft diapers next to my tiny baby's sensitive bottom. I really can't say enough good things about this diaper! For those of you that were having problems with the snappi or if your just...
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Out of 6 brands - the best prefolds


Pros: absorbency, softness, quality

Cons: bulk

These prefolds are the softest, snuggliest fabric I've seen so far. After multiple washes and runs in the dryer, they are so absorbent I wish I had all BabyKicks. From the website: "Made from 2-3-2 layers of luxuriously soft 55% hemp/45% cotton fleece, these prefolds are up to any task, from being pinned, folded in thirds in a snug fitting wrap, or as a pocket diaper stuffer." I've used Bummis, GMD, Osocozy, Flip, Hemp Babies, and now BabyKicks and I wish I'd started with these. Hand-sewn in MD, USA and I'll definitely be switching out some of my stash to load up on these. Obviously because they're prefolds they're a bit bulkier, but I only use them for overnight. My 10 MO can go 12...
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Most absorbent prefold I've tried


Pros: Super absorbent, soft and fuzzy, organic, easy to use.

Cons: The only negative is that someday soon my daughter is going to be too big for these.

We have tried out—it feels like—every kind of cloth diaper on the market.  Instead of ordering one set, we got a couple of each kind.  So, after 8 months of intensive use, I've developed a few favorites, and these are one of them.  While I do like many of the pocket diapers, I find that nothing gives me a better fit than prefolds.  Of course, right?  You get to fold it exactly to your baby's curves each time you use it.  Of the prefolds I've tried, these are the most absorbent, and they look so comfotable, I would wear 'em if I had to.  (Maybe I'll repurpose them into cloth pads once my girl is all grown up?  Either way, these things are going to...
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Mothering › Product Reviews › Diapering › Cloth Diapers › BabyKicks Prefold Diaper 3-Pack › BabyKicks Prefold Diaper 3-Pack Reviews