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BabyKicks Premium Pocket Diaper

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #4 in Cloth Diapers


Pros: Trim, Soft, Well Fitting

Cons: none

This diaper is amazing. I has the softest PUL I have ever felt. The bamboo velour inner has got to be the most luxurious fabric ever made. If you prefer a stay dry diaper they do include a fleece liner, we have never used it but it does feel very soft. The side snaps make getting a great fit really easy and make it hard for our little girl to undo the snaps herself. Now that she is almost completely potty trained we snap it on the largest setting and use it more as a training pant. She can easily pull it up and down herself. We also use this as one of our few overnight diapers. The hemp insert is super absorbent and we do not have to add a doubler. We have never had a leak. I love that it is front stuffing, it makes unstuffing a messy diaper super easy. This diaper is also very trim and fits under all our daughters clothes. As far as washing goes it holds up great! The insert does take longer to dry than a microfiber insert but I don't see that as a con just a testament to how much the insert will hold. I was sent this diaper for review.


Pros: Natural fibers, Absorbent, Trim, one size, easy to use

Cons: Slow to dry

I am very pleased with this diaper. I have been using this diaper on an 11 pound 3 month old. Many one size diapers are huge on her this one is very trim and fits under small clothing. It looks like it will be a great diaper as she grows as well. We have the snaps all the way down at this point.
The inside feels great against my skin and must feel nice on her soft bottom. The stay-dry insert feels very soft as well. The leg holes are lined with the same material making it soft all around. The PLU feels nice too.
This diaper has great hoop and loop closures they are soft yet very sticky.. They are able to overlap nicely for a small baby. The first time she wore it I did not tighten it enough and she leaked out the leg hole but I then discovered how nicely it overlaps. They also have the tabs for laundering which work well.
The insert has seams to show you how to fold it down for insertion into the pocket for the smaller sizes. The insert has been very absorbent.
This has become one of my favorite diapers.


Pros: trim, absorbent, fleece leg gussets

I have a whole stash of Babykicks Basic Pocket Diapers, but just had the opportunity to try the Babykicks Premium Pocket Diaper and I will say it does definitely feel like a premium quality diaper. Both of these diapers are extremely absorbent and trim-fitting. 


Here are some of the major differences between the two diapers:


The lining in this diaper is Organic Bamboo Velour so its all natural fibers next to baby's skin. This lining is super soft and luxurious feeling. 


There are fleece leg gussets which allows for more airflow. I have not had any issues with any leaks through the gussets even with a very wet diaper. 


The insert is the JoeyBunz hemp/cotton blend vs the basic which is a microfiber/hemp insert.


This diaper comes with a stay dry liner.


Overall I'd really recommend this diaper, especially for those who really want natural fibers next to baby's skin or for babies who are prone to diaper rash since this diaper is so breatheable.  


This diaper fastens exactly like a disposable, and I think that's why my husband always grabs it first. Front stuffing pockets are always a plus in my book to avoid the mess with pockets in the back. I always love bamboo velour for the soft snuggly feel next to baby's bottom, and it doesn't pill like fleece or suedecloth. I toss these in the dryer on low and it comes out feeling like new every time. Babykicks inserts are by far the best for absorbency and drying time. Plus, I love that if I don't want to stuff the pocket I can just lay the insert inside the pocket next to baby's skin and it functions like a cover. This diaper is tops in my ranking of 15 brands I've tried because of the trim cut betweeen the legs and trimness of the insert. I realize cloth diapers will always be bulkier than disposables, but this are the trimmest I've found to fit under clothes while still absorbing a lot of liquid.


Pros: soft, fleece leg/air gussets, hemp insert, fits well, easy to get on

Cons: none so far

The BabyKicks Premium Pocket Diaper has pretty much stolen my heart cloth-diaper-wise. I didn't think I liked velcro closures, but on this one the hooks aren't scratchy like on many diapers, and they are saving my life right now trying to get diapers on a really really squirmy baby before she has a chance to pee all over everything.

I LOVE the soft lining fabric. It is so soft--just makes you want to run it all over your face, which I admit both my husband and I did when it first arrived in the mail. :) Something that soft and comfy can't be bad for baby's bottom. The hemp insert that came with the diaper is very absorbent, but I am a diehard hemp insert fan when it comes to cloth diapers.  This diaper also came with a "stay dry" insert, which is a nice addition.  And they come in black! (My favorite color, and one many diaper companies don't seem to offer.)

I highly recommend this. If I could go back and re-pick out our cloth diaper collection, there would def be more of these in the mix. I couldn't try it myself as my daughter is already 11 months, but the trick they have for folding these in on themselves to make them fit newborns is GENIUS.  A true one size fits all, finally! Hopefully for the next one we will have a bunch of these.


Pros: Trim, Durable, Easy to Use, Great for Night.

Cons: Longer drying time for insert.

This diaper is SUPER TRIM on my 9 month old baby boy and is one of the first diapers I grab to use.  I love the fleece gusset and have never had a problem with elastic marks on his legs because of it.  It came with a stay dry liner because the OBV (Organic Bamboo Velour) is not stay dry, but is SUPER DUPER soft! I only use the liner when he will be in is diaper for longer than usual, like nap or bed.  I have never had a leak and love the side snaps! I WILL be getting more of these by taking advantage of their B5G1 sale!  


From the BabyKicks YouTube channel:


BabyKicks Premium Pocket Diaper

The trimmest natural fiber pocket diaper on the market! BabyKicks Premium Pocket Diaper is the epitome of cloth diaper perfection. It’s the only one size pocket diaper that will fold small enough to fit a newborn and will accommodate both slender and chunky babies without compromising comfort or practicality. It has the convenience of a disposable with a waterproof outer shell and the breathability of cloth from fleece leg gussets (we like to call them “air gussets”). These unique gussets allow airflow underneath of the cover to help combat diaper rash and regulate temperature. The fleece gussets are also gentle on sensitive baby skin so there is no need to worry about red marks. BabyKicks Premium Pocket Diaper also has a ridiculously soft bamboo velour (ooh la la!) inner lining that is sure to be above and beyond every baby’s standards. The included One Size JoeyBunz is famous for its absorbency (gotta love hemp!) and the separate stay dry liner is great for naps, nights, and babies that prefer not to feel wetness. Get BabyKicks Premium Pocket Diaper in a variety of colors with long lasting side snaps OR easy to use Hook & Loop. The snap version doubles up as a training pant for even more money savings and the Hook & Loop version is completely Daddy and daycare friendly. This is the only diaper you will ever need and once you try it, we have no doubt you will agree! (Please note, Velcro versions of our Pocket Diapers have a slightly larger pocket and may be easier to stuff. They also may have a larger size range for a better fit on chunky babies.) Features: One Size Design grows with baby from 7lbs/3.2kg to 40lbs/18kg. The intuitive “V” shaped snap-down size system makes adjusting and finding the right size and fit super easy. Buy diapers once, saving them time and money. Unique Newborn snap closure allows for a secure and comfortable fit on the smallest of babies. Natural fiber inner lining is incredibly soft Bamboo Velour (against baby’s skin) made of luxurious 30% Certified Organic Cotton and 70% Rayon made from Bamboo. The material will remain soft, absorbent and silky wash after wash Separate Stay-Dry liner for a dry feeling whenever baby needs it – great for naps, night time, or not at all for those who prefer all natural fibers against baby’s skin. One Size JoeyBunz Insert is the ultimate pocket insert for a trim fit and exceptional absorbency. Made from 6 layers of hemp/organic cotton jersey, this insert is only 1/8” thick and super absorbent. Air Gussets are made of a special fleece material and contain no PUL, allowing air flow to help prevent rashes. The Soft fabric does not leave red marks on baby’s legs, but like a fleece diaper cover still protects against leaks and blow outs. Front Pocket allows for easy stuffing of diaper and gives you the option to customize the absorbency. The front pocket eliminates inserts hanging out of the back of the diaper and prevents solids from leaking onto the insert. The pocket opening is now wider than on previous versions for easier stuffing. Side Snaps eliminate the wing droop problem and are durable and long lasting. Two rows of snaps for separate waist and thigh adjustments give a perfect fit and are easy to use. Plus, side snaps are harder for toddlers to undo and make the diaper easy to use as a training pant when the time comes. An Extra Wing Snap (snap version only) has been added to confidently secure the diaper when using the newborn fold. Plus, it doubles up as a closure when storing soiled diapers. Waterproof Outer Shell replaces the need for a cover. Our super soft breathable PUL is waterproof and makes sure baby’s clothes stay nice and dry. Available in 6 fun colors! The BabyKicks Premium Pocket Diaper was formerly known as the3g Pocket Diaper, and before that the Bumboo Pocket Diaper. It has had several improvements including a new bamboo velour inner lining, stay dry liner, newborn snap closure, One Size JoeyBunz insert, a wider front panel, and a wider pocket opening to make stuffing easier.

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