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A Review On: Babytrekker - Deluxe 5 position carrier

Babytrekker - Deluxe 5 position carrier

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Pros: Comfortable for men and women

Cons: Good for long hauls not for around the house.

We used our Babytrekker for our son from new born to about 1.5 and then lent it to two other families.  It's still in perfect shape.  My husband preferred to wear it on his back while I wore it on my front with baby facing me.  We used it in any situation where a stroller would be too big: shopping in small stores, taking public transit, hiking, festivals, etc.  Living in the city, it was actually more useful than the stroller.  Fastening the padded belt tightly above your hips takes most of the weight off your shoulders.  I tried a Baby Bjorn once and found it very uncomfortable because all the weight was on my shoulders.  I've never tried a sling but I would think for longer hauls the Trekker would be much better for your back especially with older/larger babies.


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