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Baby yourself too with this, its great

A Review On: Badger Baby Oil 4oz Glass Bottle

Badger Baby Oil 4oz Glass Bottle

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Pros: smooth, nice, comforting

Cons: COST, unless you get it from Ross ;)

I fell in love with massage oils during my second pregnancy.  Its amazing what a tlc will do for you back.  If you aren't sure how to start massage, for yourself or your baby, a fast / fun way to learn is to pay for a massage for yourself and invie your husband to come along. Mine does a better job than the massuse now, and I just use a lighter version of it on my baby, works wonders.



-smooth texture

-easy to use

-even hubby can apply it

-works great


-no funky smell



-not always in stock at ross in which case it becomes expensive


Try it, you might become an addict ;)


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