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Bag Balm 10oz

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #2 in Diaper Creams


Pros: effective on many skun issues and inexpensive

Cons: odor and may be harsh on sensative skin

We have used this for years as a good general first aid ointment. Can use on almost any skin issue, dry, small scratches and cuts. But it is strong so be careful on sensative skin especially baby skin.


Pros: Softens skins, good product for an assortment of needs

Cons: None really

I would not use this as a diaper cream (I use plain organic coconut oil for that and have had wonderful luck!) but Bag Balm is a wonderful product that I always make sure I have in my first aid kit. Skin softening can't be beat! Slather some on your feet and put them in socks at night - so nice in the morning!

Works wonderful on sunburn too..


Pros: stays on, coats well, versatile, easy to store

Cons: none

My mom grew up milking dairy cows.  Every day, she used Bag Balm (yes, its really used on the "bag") to keep the cow teats soft and supple for milking.  Her friends were all in awe of her soft, strong hands in high school.  As a kid, there was nothing this couldn't do.  Hands rough from cold winter days? Get 'em wet, rub on some bag balm.  Rash? Itchy? Scratched? Mosquito bite? Cracked nipples? You name the skin problem, this stuff helps.  As a diaper cream...



-cloth diaper safe if you have a top-loader


-easy to apply

-square container is stable, great for twins b/c the second cutie can't knock it over easily

-easy to use with one hand

-long lasting

-allergen free



-if you apply it over wet urine on skin, it traps the ammonia there and baby will smell funky for a bit.  But cleaning before adding a new dipe goes without saying!


I would add, my mom always has a couple open cans, one of which is at least ten years old, and it still looks and works as good as my brand new can.  You can get it on thin as tissue paper, especially on wet bums, or frost the bum like a cupcake with ease.   The best baby diaper rash cream ever, period.  


Pros: best for irritation, multi use

Cons: kinda stinky..

This stuff has a strange odor not necessarily bad...just strange. LOL I reccommend getting it from a feed store it is VERY cheap. If baby has rash it will clear up within 2 days. This can also be used on chapped skin, cracked fingers, feet with cotton socks at night. It's amazing. With my first pregnancy I had skin issues on my fingers and my mom told me to get some of this after running into a dead end with dermatologists. It cleared up within 1 week. Absolutely amazing.


Pros: holds in moisture after several hand washes, lasts long

Cons: petroleum products are unsafe for use on or around infants

This product is great if you don't intend to use it on a baby. I have used it extensively on sheep, horses, cows, dogs (not cats! they lick it off)... and I use gloves or immediately wash it off my hands. This takes several washings because this product has serious staying power! 


If this is being used as a diaper ointment, I would find another-- petroleum jelly is basically like semi-solid gasoline & not the best for baby bums! If mothers would like to use something heavy-duty for chapped hands or rough heels, this would hold in moisture & protect from further mechanical irritation. For babies, I'd find a different product.


Oh-- one tin lasts seemingly forever; if you like the product, don't be afraid to invest because it may be a year or more before you run short.


Pros: price, works,

Cons: contains petroleum

I first knew of this stuff from my equestrian days, we would use it to treat irritations on our horses' skin.  My husband knew of it from his days skiing (used it for his dry skin) and it being sold through the vermont country store.  This stuff is amazing, it is a combo of lanolin and petroleum jelly.  It clears up the worst diaper rash in a snap - as well as healing for hands or other body parts.  TIP: The price is MUCH cheaper if you buy it through a tack shop i.e. dover saddlery.  

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Bag Balm 10oz

For over 90 years, the ointment in Bag Balm's familiar green can has been like having another hand on the farm! Antiseptic Bag Balm aids in fast healing of injuries, cuts, scrapes, chapping and sunburn. Loaded with soothing lanolin.

FeatureGreat for hands too.
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